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This Person Risks His Life Rescuing Snakes & Has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

How would you react if you get a call and the person from the other side says, "Dude! There's a cobra in my house."? Won't you get goosebumps? But you know, when Vava Suresh gets a call from the neighbourhood about a snake, he gets enthusiastic to rescue it.Yes! Vava is an Indian wildlife conservationist and a snake expert. He has made rescuing snake his mission and has saved 30,000 snakes so far, of which 100 are King Cobras.Unlike everyone, this Thiruvananthapuram snake expert was fascinated by snakes from the age of 13. The smooth movement, flickering tongue and the critical looks that terrify the hell out of us, is what attracts Vava. He has been into this occupation from past 23 years. Warning: The pictures listed here can scare you to death.


This picture can make you freeze with fear. But at the same time, this 42-year-old snake expert believes that this isn't just his profession, but it's everything for him.

He has encountered king cobra, cobra and vipers.

Vava knows the amount of risk that is involved in his profession. But it's not a big deal for him. 

He has been bitten and admitted in ICU and ventiltor

Vava has survived more than 300 poisonous snake bites. He has been admitted four times in ICU four times and kept on a ventilator twice. 

He rejected a government job offer

In 2012, minister K. B. Ganesh Kumar offered Suresh a job at a snake park in Thiruvananthapuram. But he rejected it, saying that he won't be able to help the society in his ways if he was employed.

When did he first get into snakes?

When he was a school boy, he saw a snake by the streamside. He picked it and took it home. His family (obviously) freaked out. But from then his curiosity about snakes increased. He saved his first snake at the age of 13.

He often devours snake venom in public.

Vava doesn't do this for a bad purpose. His major instinct is to make people aware about snake venom. He wants people to know that it isn't harmful until and unless it reaches the bloodstream. 

He also conducts sessions. Not with snakes, with people. 

To clear out misconceptions that people have about snakes, Vava takes sessions. He once cleared the myth that snake venom gives people high like alcohol.

Why people are afraid of snakes?

We live in a world where snakes and human co-exist. But since the starting, we have heard of stories about snakes that take revenge. Plus, it's the fear of being poisoned to death that is the reason people are afraid of snakes.

He risks his own life to save snakes

He often spends 7-8 hours trying to reach a snake. Sometimes the snakes go on top of trees and keep moving from one branch to another making his work difficult. But this superhero has never given up hope from his duty.

Britain's Prince Charles expressed his wish to meet Vava

Vava Suresh has been awarded the 'Vocational Service Award 2011' by Rotary Club's Thiruvananthapuram. In November 2013, Britain's Prince Charles expressed his wish to meet Vava Suresh, and a meeting was arranged in Vazhachal.