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23 Images That Depict Journey To Education Is Difficult But Full Of Hope 

What memories do you have of going to school when you were a toddler? I can recall asking my parents to drop me to the bus stop during rains while asking them to hold the umbrella. Do you remember them stopping at the school to pick you up in bad weather?   But here I am with some pictures that will show you what difficulties some kids face to reach their school. These students are an inspiration. But do we ever ask why do these kids have to go through all this trauma? Why do children who really want to study have to go through a hard time to get it?    Though we don't have answers, these kids do. They don't take their education for granted. They want to study, and for it, they are ready to cross every single hurdle that comes by.   

1. Afghanistan

Schoolboy cycling from an area where a joint patrol of US Army and Afghan soldiers is underway.  

2. China

Students walking along a cliff path on their way to school.    

3. China

Students in a tub pushed by the father to take his kids back home from a flooded area in Duchang, China.   

4. China

Students walking through a wrecked area in China. 

5. Columbia

Girl flying across a cable to cross the Rio Negro river to reach her class.  

6. Egypt

Students returning home after attending school in Gharbia Governorate, Cairo.  

7. India

Students from Kashmir crossing a damaged footbridge that is built over a stream to get to their home. 

8. India

Parents taking their kids to school located along Himalayan ranges.  

9. India

Students carrying their benches after school was flooded due to heavy rains at Bassi Kalan village in Jammu.  

10. India

Students in Delhi going to their class by a rickety, old horse buggy.  

11. Indonesia

Students using the wooden boat to cross the Bengawan Solo river to go to school in Bojonegoro, Java, Indonesia. 

12. Indonesia

Students travelling by standing on the roof of a wooden boat to get to their school in Palembang, Indonesia.   

13. Indonesia

Students making their way through the jungles of Riau to reach their class. 

14. Indonesia

School kids from Cilangkap, a village in Indonesia, getting to their destination via bamboo rafts. 

15. Indonesia

Students trying to cross a broken suspension bridge to reach class on time.  

16. Indonesia

Students go to school by traveling through haze-blanketed town in Sampit.   

17. Nepal

Students crossing a bridge with the help of harnesses.   

18. Philippines

Students on way to attend school by riding on a makeshift raft in Manila.  

19. Philippines

Students from an elementary school in the Philippines crossing a river with the help of an inflatable inner tube.  

20. Philippines

Students using chairs to get to their class in Sitio Tapayan, Philippines.  

21. Saudi Arabia

Students walking up the stairs to reach their school in the south of Saudi Arabia.    

22. Sri Lanka

Students trying to walk through a plank on the walls of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.  

23. Tokyo

Students in Tokyo wearing a protective headgear while walking to school.The enthusiasm of these kids defines the importance of knowledge. They teach everyone the value of learning. Education is one of the most important things that will keep our world running. So share this article and make people cherish the opportunity of getting the education. For story suggestions, reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com