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These Pre-Wedding Photographs Are More Than Just Erotic

Although pre-wedding shoot has now become a trend or you can say a necessity, yet some couples still debate over whether or not they should have one.There is this enormous effort that makes a pre-wedding shoot fantastic. Also, every photograph says its own different story, the story that lies behind the beautiful couple that needs to be told to the audience. You may have come across some traditional, glamorous, casual or indigenous photoshoots and even the theme-based ones too. I bet you may never have seen someone going half-naked for their pre-wedding photo shoot.Yeah, that's right. What you've never seen will be on the screen now, here at this moment. If you still think I'm kidding or rather you think I'm just feigning things to your excitation, hold on! Let me stop the talking and let you do some eye-wandering here in the story. Let's delve into some bizarre photographs of these couples. I just appreciate the boldness and intense love that they have shown on the screen and let themselves be captured on the frame.

Somewhere in the woods...

Such a beauty to shoot the couple in the woods, I mean the concept in a complete wilderness is mind blowing. This couple and their photo shoot literally remind me of: two roads diverged in the woods but we, we chose the one less travelled...And definitely, they opted for a photo shoot in the woods and that too with such a different theme.

Lost in her thoughts...

She thinks in the silence of the wild, in the depths of the summits that her love has taken a new turn, something to embrace.

We stand tall by the waves.

And thinking of their unwavering devotion to each other they stand tall by the sea watching as the waves come and go off the rocks. 

She can feel the sun touching her bare skin.

On her barely covered skin she can feel the sunlight, the heat that gives her energy just like her love that gives her the power to live in the way she desires.

We always find each other by our side...

And see everything pass on in our lives, the good, the bad, the difficult and the enthusiastic times together they're ours.

Looking in each other's eyes and my veil flies...

There is no wondering what will happen in the future, at this moment it's just you and me looking into each other's eyes.

And let me embrace the beauty around me...

Because that's how the love will be, growing the branches of a tree, not always linear as I see.

Can you feel as I feel?

Or is that just a moment passing by us? I feel the same as you feel when I look at you in the way a child looks at the sky.

Let me kiss you like it's the last time.

Like we will never be together like this, today, here in this moment let me kiss you like a fresh air breeze.

Holding you takes away my pain.

And assures me even if you and I are not gonna be there, but our love will never go in vain.

As we look back to our past...

We know that there are things to leave and some memories to cherish forever.

And I love you till every atom in us goes insane.

Lovely it is to capture such a scene in the bathtub between all the warm droplets of water are here to caress.

We make love in the most serene place.

By the window, I hold your waist and we make love in the most serene place under the skylights.

The way I feel can't be denied...

I wonder what our love was and is now as the time of the day passes by. There's this feeling that we both can't deny.

Let us seize the moment here.

Beneath the starry sky, in the echo of the woods, we seize the moment of the night.

Because, love found us...

We remember as we found love in the hopeless place, or rather love found us.

Feel my hearbeat in my mind

Looking at the skyscrapers and the moonlight, feel my heartbeat as you rest your head on me.

As your shadow crosses mine.

We fall in love every time when our shadows crosses each other. We're one soul in two bodies.

Side by side or miles apart...

Distance won't matter as far as love be bestowed upon us. We sleep as if there is no one else until death does us apart.That's all folks!I hope you like this piece of art that is visually appealing to the eye and the heart.Comment in the section below with whatever you have.Also, you can directly reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com