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Can A Towel Replace Bra For Women? See What's Making Girls Crazy Today

The summer of discomfort is bygone, and with all the problems that it brought, there was this one problem that only females can relate to. Yes, my female readers have already guessed it, and it's the underboob sweat problem. Now, this is not something very alarming, and neither should this be a topic of taboo because men face their own set of personal problems during the hotter days of the year and it's normal.But, this normalcy does not make it easier to handle and finding a solution to this body-issue is something that can provide one sex with a sigh of comfort. So is there a solution to this problem? Because wearing a bra is a necessity and not much can be done to replace something that has been "there" for decades.If you feel so, read further and don't miss the tutorial video at the end of the article.

Women deserve to walk with confidence and here's something that can add to it.

Agree or not, the underboob sweat kills that self-confidence when women are to go to meetings, parties or for that matter, every place that requires you to look presentable.

And not everyone can be like Kendall Jenner!

Yeah, she can lift her top up and enjoy those moments of the cool breeze running through those curves, but not many have that privilege.

Even while working out or when in the professions that require you jogging all the day!

Yes, the women who are in construction jobs, or the athletic ones or the ones in a marketing role, it gets even tougher for them to stay put to that level of confidence if there is some wetness remained there inside.

So come on, say NO to all these troubles...

...while we present to you something that can be life-saving!

Ta-Ta Towel

The logo itself represents it all. Just look at the shine of that woman sporting a green ta-ta towel, and in case you think it is just for illustration purpose, I have everything to prove that this new invention can be groundbreaking.

So, is it a no-no to bras now?

Not really, bras have their importance, and you cannot walk in a towel for the day. But if you ask about its future possibilities, well, this will come out only when all these users of Ta-Ta Towel turn into 'happy users' of Ta-Ta towel. But wait, there's more to this crazy invention then you can think. Read ahead!

We've already seen various kind of bras in the market!

But each of them was somewhat similar to the other and had nothing much to do with the sweat problem that women face to this day.

Features of Ta-Ta Towel:

The towel simply wraps around the bust and covers it completely to give almost every benefit that a bra comes with. 

It can help you get dry after the shower.

So yes, you can just wear the Ta-Ta towel and walk around doing every other task to perform while the towel keeps it all dry and fresh. But how much does it cost and who invented it?

The inventor is Erin Robertson and the cost is...

$45! Not much for a product of this level.Note: The image used is not of the inventor.

How many colors can you expect?

FIVE!So, there you go, you have almost a week of differently coloured towels to give you that dry lift. The Daily Mail quotes its inventor sharing with the audience about the same- "There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach."And we just agree with her!

So, this must have been Kylie's way of dealing until the Ta-Ta Towels launched.

We say, you stay same forever Kylie! But here's what Twitter has to say on this...

This person was so so much in need...