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Who Says Men Can't Give Birth? This Transgender Man Did The Impossible

Aha! Now you must be amazed at this. How can a man give birth to a baby? How dare he break the stereotype and come out as one different person in the whole crowd? Stop thinking.Let me tell you that I'm gonna clear all your mind today with this big thing that has happened for the very first time. This man from Portland, Oregon was born a female but started taking hormones nearly 10 years ago and became a transgender by choice. He and his husband decided to have their very own first biological child and after hours of struggle, he gave birth to a baby boy, Leo.I know it's hard to believe but this man with a uterus does exist. He with the support of his partner has shown their journey on the social media through pregnancy in order to dispel the societal myths and encourage acceptance.I'm sure you might want to take a look at their journey and meet the couple themselves. So, don't wait! Let's take an insight into their lives and know these men of virtue.

Meet Trystan Reece.

Trystan Reece, 34-year-old transgender man carried and delivered a baby boy, Leo and thereby decided to bravely document his pregnancy on social media.

His mate Biff Chaplow.

Biff Chaplow, the soulmate of Trystan Reece. They're together for about seven years. He and Trystan have been providing online updates during their special moment.

How did the two men meet?

Trystan Reece and Biff Chaplow's journey began in 2011 when Biff's sister could no longer take care of her two biological children, and the state offered to let the kids live with their uncle. At that time, Biff and Trystan had only been dating for a little over a year, but they both knew that giving these kids a loving home was something they could easily do.

And Trystan and Biff started their journey.

Six years later, Biff and Trystan are married and have been raising Biff's niece and nephew as their own. In their loving home, Biff is referred to as "Dada" and Trystan is "Daddy." The two capture the trials and hardships of raising two kids in a trans and queer household.

And they decided to...

When they decided to have a biological child, they publicly documented the entire process because Biff and Trystan believe in breaking those unnecessary myths and involve a sense of acceptance. The couple decided to pursue a biological child under the watch of a doctor, who told them that because Trystan had only undergone hormone therapy during his transition, the conception process would be similar to that of a woman who decides to stop taking her birth control. 

They were surprised when...

Five months later, the couple found out they were expecting. Around the six-month mark in Trystan's pregnancy, the couple shared videos and photos on the social media to address any questions their followers had. People generally pass mixed comments and opinions but the couple takes in the positive ones and neglects the negative. They feel their happiness is priority 

While Trysten was 8.5 months pregnant.

This is a picture that Trysten put up on his Insta account. 8.5 months pregnant man who's looking happy and fulfilling his pregnancy food cravings with popsicles.

Finally on 14 July.

Trystan Reece after facing 30 hours of labor pain finally gave birth to a baby boy and the couple named him Leo.

They feel lucky now.

The couple told CNN that "Both Leo and Reese were in good health after the birth. Leo eats like a champ now, sleeps well, and gives us lots of cuddles. We are so lucky to have been able to welcome him into our lives and cannot wait to see who he grows up to be."

They feel trans men deserve equal respect and rights as everyone else on the earth.

Trystan says going public with their story has brought nothing but positive things to their family. Though it would have been easier to be private with their pregnancy, Tristan says, "I felt like I had to make the choice between living authentically and having a family. So I wanted to do this for the next generation of trans men so they didn't feel like they had to make the same choice."

They feel trans men deserve equal respect and rights as everyone else on the earth.

After the couple had their baby, they arranged for a cute little photo shoot to take place. Afterall, it's the best and happy moment of their life that they wanted to capture. 

Hello, world!

And the cute little baby born out of a man is saying hello to the world, calling out to take their stereotypes off their mind and get ready for acceptance.

Their journey in their own words!

This is the living example that love is not gender-biased and giving birth to a new life is no more limited to the female origin. Trystan and Biff have broken the stereotypes and myths that have been in the world for so long, paving the way for other trans men.That's all folks!Like, comment and share if you're inspired by this story.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com