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If Your Girlfriend Does These Things, She Truly Loves You

What is your definition of a girlfriend? Is she just someone to be flaunted in front of your friends? Or is she the one to be kept hidden from the eyes of the world? This is something only you can answer and remember; the answer must come from the deepest part of your soul.Getting into a relationship is easy, but only a few people keep it intact by love. A girlfriend is not just a tag that someone bears, it's rather an all new word that gives meaning to terms like love, care and soulmate. Modern relationships are often the ones who believe in casual relationships, but there exists a small portion of people who still crave for a fairy tale love. Now, if you are confused what yours is, start reading this story as it tells you certain characteristics that your girlfriend has which shows that she truly is in love with you or she's just beating around the bush.

If she gives you personal space without asking anything.

You all know your personal life and space is the priority. Some girlfriends keep chattering 24X7. I mean who talks on the phone, via the texts all day long? Don't you people have your ambitions and work to do?But if she is someone who gives you your personal space while respecting her space too, believe me, never let her go. She's the one true love.

She trusts you completely.

Leave your phone on the bed while you go to the bathroom and someone can learn a lot about you and the conversations you're having. Take a shower and leave your diary unattended, and the wrong person could pick it up and learn your innermost private thoughts.Trust is a very crucial thing, and if she does that on you, she madly loves with you.

If she calms you down when you're mad.

Everybody has a temper, and some even have short fuses than others. So depending on your temperament, this might be even more important to you than others, but if the girl in your life can take you from ultra-pissed to back to your normal level of equi-chill-brium, then you have a girlfriend who truly knows you, and that is a gift, my friend.

When she shares your sense of humour.

By some miracle, she shares your sense of humour? Adds to your jokes? Is she (dare I say) funnier than you? Well, you lock her down, and you lock her down hard. Life is too short to spend it with someone you can't share a laugh with you.

She cares about your friends.

There are girls out there who are concerned about things that are related to their loved ones. If your girlfriend remembers your friends' name and keeps taking a regular notice of how their lives are, she cares for you and your friends. 

If she truly believes in you even at times when you're in doubt about yourself.

Does that happen to you that you're in extreme doubt; if you could do something or not. May it be a simple presentation or handling real life problems when you lose hope in yourself but she never did.Just because she truly believes you and in the potential that you possess. Trust your guts, a girl who believes in you will never leave you. Just don't let her go ever.

If she binge watch movies with you.

Okay, now this is my personal favourite. This is what I love to do the most. And you know what guys? If your girlfriend really does this thing with you, she's totally worth it. I mean, going out is not such a bad idea but doing nothing lying on the bed and binge watching your favourite movies together is divine. Nothing can beat it. Just never let her go.Well, yeah include the caramel popcorn and fries while you two do that.

She fights with you but that doesn't mean break up.

After you two have been together for a while, you realise that little arguments every once in a while with your girlfriend are normal and aren't the end of everything. It's a sign that she cares about issues that are linked to you while being mature enough.

She wants to travel with you even at the most weird places.

Man, do you have a travel plan that is too weird? I understand, mine too has. How about your girl is an explorer like you. That would be so much fun. At least, you both will travel anywhere you want to with ease.

She's comfortable in talking any shit with you!

Yeah! It would be a bingo. Guys, take a note - If you feel comfortable with someone in talking any and every shit, they are your true soulmates. The girl you love is truly, madly and deeply in love with you if you have the openness to discuss anything that's up on your mind. It may be shit; it may sound too stupid or anything.Now, you know the secrets. If your girl does all these things, I request you to go right away and propose her for marriage. You won't find any better soulmate as her in the whole wide world.That's all folks!Please like, share and comment in the section with your experiences.You can also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com