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20 Inspiring Hollywood Classics To Teach You Major Life Lessons

Movies, both fictional and non-fictional help us connect with our life situations in a better way. Some see their whole lives in front of their eyes. Some get involved in it so much that they start realising themselves as the main leads in the movie itself. And why not? After all, movies are made for you to see your real life happenings and fantasies come alive on a single screen.Sometimes movies can make you question yourself and look back at your life or perhaps even see your future. There is a true and honest kid inside each of us. When we grow older, often we get so serious that we forget to embrace the surprises and pleasures life treat us with.I think the influence of movies on our day-to-day lives is strong. It is quite natural for us that Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne or Schwarzenegger are leaders in their movies. Since our childhood, we were surrounded by examples of good or bad management and we measure our real life leaders by these examples, whether consciously, or subconsciously. All we need to do is open the eyes and make the connection.How about we start now? Let's open our eyes and look at the beauty that these movies have unveiled beyond the expectations of the audience.

Things will come to you even if you're weird.

My takeaways from this movie are that formerly, people can be drawn into a fantasy when it has the marks of credibility, and even defend that fantasy as it seems less and less credible. Secondly, people who are meant to come in your life will definitely come. If someone is there to take care of you, she will come to you even if you are weird.

Never lose hope, it's your rope to get out of the cage of difficulties.

Life, at every step of the way, will present to you with difficult situations. At times, you’ll even feel that life’s been unfair to you. The trick is not to lose hope and learn to deal with it. Crying won’t help but trying will.

Just be what you are on the face!

Now, that's one lesson we've learned from Mia Wallace quite straight to the point.

Being consistent pays-off.

You get ample opportunities in your life. It's just that how quickly you grab and work upon it regardless of your financial conditions. If you'll be consistent enough in your efforts, that will pay off one day.

A right person is all you need to come back on track.

When a street smart immigrant, Driss comes as a care taker in the life of a French Nobleman, Philippe look what changes happen in his life. Driss brings back the child in him, it's just a person who is enough to bring your life back on track.

Fear is surmountable.

Schindler's List teaches us that human being is a creature capable of great levels of cruelty along with an endless reservoir for compassion. There is absolutely no place for fear, all can be overcome.

What's for earnings may not be for living happily!

John Keating, an English teacher teaches his students to live break free, beyond the norms and live unapologetically. It doesn't matter in the end whether you're an engineer, a doctor or a poet or any other person, but how enjoyable your life feels to you.

The gifts of life are not bought with money.

Jason expects that he will receive a hefty amount of money but it doesn't happen that way. Ultimately, when he meets a dying girl and discovers his inner self, he truly receives the gifts that life has to give.

Surprise yourself.

Forrest Gump was born with a back that was "as crooked as a politician," requiring him to wear braces on his legs. A constant target for bullies, his only childhood friend famously advised him "run, Forrest, run!" when they began picking on him. He broke free of his braces and kept running far. You never know when you may surprise yourself so keep trying and don't quit.

Live every moment

The two terminally ill men have all the reasons to lose their life yet they decide to go against the flow, live every moment of their life to its fullest. They prepare a bucket list and start fulfilling it and do things that they've never tried before.

Realising the importance.

This movie of the man who lives in reverse life as in he grows older to younger. While this happens, he loses his friends and family with their growing age. The takeaway is we realise the importance of people in our lives only when they are gone.

Our subconscious has all the resources.

It means there is nothing impossible in this world, as long as we set our heart and mind to it. All of us have the power to achieve anything we want because we have the same access to the unlimited resources of our subconsciousness.

Conditions may change at the end moment.

You never know what unseen twists and turns life has for you. So, never pre-evaluate the situations and try to get the results. Endings can be very different.

Talent and Intellect reveals it all.

The people that distinguish their talent and intelligence from the masses are the ones that blaze new trails and think differently than others. This is how they do something that others can't, turning your losses into gains is one of that.

Setting a standard what people desire to achieve.

No one over at Stratton Oakmont spent more money on buying luxury items, drugs, prostitutes, or partying than Jordan Belfort. He represented the epitome of the lifestyle that the employees sought to achieve.

Leave your past because present is waiting for you.

It is as simple as that, if you're into a messy relationship, an unsatisfying job and so on, you better got your ass movin' otherwise you can't reach your new goals if the rope is tied in the past.

Stay with your family no matter what!

It’s your duty to be there for your family, regardless of the circumstances. This will help protect them while you're alive, and leave a meaningful legacy after you’re gone.

A large crowd of idiots is good for nothing.

We have more than enough people for nothing, useless people not helping anyone, roaming unnecessarily on our planet are just good for nothing. I guess the planet would do better without them.

Don't worry, be happy.

Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife.

Learn the difference.

Pi and Richard Parker(the tiger) find ways to make the best of their experience. They are alone in the worst possible way - stranded on the ocean but, they manage to keep from being lonely, through the power of story and the magic that they witness all around them.I hope you had a good time learning some lessons which are worth a while. So, like share and comment in the section below which one inspired you the most today.For anything else, you may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com