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These Out-of-the-World Photos Of Mother-Daughter Yoga Practice Can Make Your Day

"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend," goes an adage. The bond between a mother and her daughter is divine. There are no comparisons to the rapport that is shared between the two. Sometimes it is pure love, sometimes there are fights, sometimes there is an irritation. But it is a relationship that is dominated by love. For a daughter, a mother is a role model, her first friend, her first love. She is the one who shapes the conscience and passions of her daughter. It is her habits that the daughter learns and imbibes.   Today, we will tell you about Instagram yoga practitioner, Laura Kasperzak, who has posted adorable AF pictures with her daughter, Mini. Both of them are seen giving remarkable poses. She learned yoga from Victoria Arvizu and has graduated from the Yoga in the World 200hr YTT program in 2013.   Laura is not someone who was meant for an office job. She chose a different path for herself and is giving back to the world the passion for yoga and love for nature.  See their beautiful pictures, here.     

Perfect arabesques!

In love with their stance.

A sight to behold!

The most beautiful picture I saw today. Flawless handstand candlestick.

Now that's called balance.

Binding grip.

Awwww! The smiles...

And the happiness in the eyes.

Together, they rock...

Those synchronized moves are mind-blowing.

They're redifining flexibility!

Superb gymnasts.

This is just STUPENDOUS!

The perfect pointed toes.

The clean postures, inspiring  me to start practising ASAP. 

In July 2017, Laura became an official VIP Ambassador for Alo Yoga.

Laura has the vision to provide an amazing yoga experience, in a happy playful environment.

So identical, they are!

The duo is giving us major #MotherDaughterGoals!

Flawless, consummate are a tone-down for them!

Gosh! Can't take my eyes off this one.

Arabesque is their favourite pose.

WOW! She is an epitome of grace.

Elegance personified!

Laura and Mini, your finesse, your poise...


One of their best poses together. 

Laura has more than a million Instagram followers. 

Heart-eyes for this one.

I do not want to scroll down!

Bridges, made the best way.

Their matching costumes are show stealers.    

This is just soo CUUUTE!

A happy mother and daughter pair. 

This is something impossible!

I cannot believe my eyes.