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Neymar's Record: Is Messi Responsible For The Biggest Transfer In Football History?

Every single football fan was tensed when there were rumours that Neymar Jr. may leave F.C. Barcelona in 2016. But all those were brought to an end on October 21, 2016, when the Brazilian signed a five-year contract with the Spanish club. He even said that he feels that Barcelona is his home.But things again changed nearly after nine months, and Neymar announced that he might be considering leaving Barcelona. Neymar will be moving to Paris Saint-Germain, but the most interesting thing in this transfer is the money involved and the reasons behind. It is obvious that being a star player, Neymar's transfer will bring a lot of money to F.C. Barcelona and he himself. It will also be the biggest transfer in football's history.There are various eye-popping reasons behind the transfer that must be known. Is it Messi, money, fame or a close friend? Let us take a deep insight of world's biggest club transfer. 

Neymar has agreed to a five-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar decided to leave F.C. Barcelona in July after talks of his holiday in Rio de Janeiro just before he joined team's pre-season tour of the United States.

Neymar has said goodbye to his teammates.

Neymar played his last match for F.C. Barcelona against their arch rivals Real Madrid on July 29. After that, Neymar moved to Porto with his father and agent, Neymar Sr. and will be going to Paris on Friday to complete his deal with PSG.

Neymar will break Paul Pogba's transfer record.

In August 2016, Manchester United created a world record by signing Paul Pogba for £89m in the summer transfer window. Neymar will break this record, but how much money is at stake?

Well, let me tell you the money behind Neymar's record transfer to PSG.

Neymar Jr. will move to PSG with a transfer money of £450m which will include his fees and wages.

Neymar's father advised him to move.

Neymar Sr. and Jr. informed Barcelona on 31st July 2017 at the training ground about his desire to move. The club said yes, but the release clause will have to be paid in full.

So what exactly is the release clause fee?

The release clause of Neymar Jr. can not be completed without paying £222m to the Spanish club. After completing this payment only, Neymar Jr. can sign a five-year contract with PSG. But under what circumstances did Neymar think of leaving the club?

I have got plenty reasons.

Well, it all started in March when F.C. Barcelona shattered PSG by 6-1 to register one of greatest comebacks in Champions League history. Now you may be wondering how it can lead to Neymar's transfer? Scroll down...

Neymar scored three goals in that match.

When Barcelona lost their first match against PSG with 4-0, no one expected that the Spanish club would make a comeback. But in their second encounter, Neymar ensured that their opponent did not have a chance to bother them by scoring three goals (half of the goals scored by his team) in 17 minutes. But that's a good thing, I mean you help your team to win. So how can this be the reason?

After the match, Neymar described it as his best performance.

But things went wrong when Neymar Jr. woke up the next morning and saw a picture of the match that later became one of the most beloved pictures in Barca's history. But what picture am I talking about?

Well, here it is.

Now, hang on for a minute, how is this possible? I thought that it would be Neymar, but it is none other than Lionel Messi. Giving comment on the picture, one of the football experts wrote, "The enduring image of a historic night was Messi." So now you may be getting my point.

Well, this is just a theory, but a valid one.

Lionel Messi has been the poster boy of Barcelona. He is their legend and whenever something historic happens, his face is always in the front, and probably that may be the reason behind Neymar's early departure.

It looks like Neymar does not want to be Messi's shadow anymore.

May be it's just that Neymar has learnt it all from Messi and now needs his own space to shine.

Neymar can finally be himself. 

He can play however he wants, wherever he wants and not have to adapt to someone else's methods. Now he even has the chance to win Ballon d’Or that did not seem possible while he was serving Barcelona. But there can be one other reason behind this transfer...

And that's Dani Alves.

Dani Alves also recently moved to PSG, and it is believed that he is the man who convinced Neymar to leave Barca.

Well, my heart is crying.

With that being said, the transfer has also caused the world's best leading trio to break. We will at least for some time not see those three leading the team together. That's all, folks!Share the story and make sure each of your friends knows about his transfer and write in the comment what you feel is the reason behind.