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22-Year Old Model Hangs Herself To Death While On A WhatsApp Video Call With Husband

The world is growing at such a fast pace that it often becomes very hard to cope with it. With the increasing competition the saying that the only 'the fittest survive' is coming true. In the last few years, the number of people being hurt by depression and committing suicide has gone up and the numbers are appalling.   Everybody talks about the physical pain and problems but no one talks about the mental pressure and pain one goes through. Today, you'd be talking to a certain person. Next day, you hear that he or she has committed suicide. We all need to become cautious and careful while we talk to the people around us! Let them know that if nobody, at least, we are there for them.    A 22-year old model from Bangladesh committed suicide on July 31, 2017, in Dhaka, the country's capital. Read more to find out the full story.     

Risila Binte 

Risila Binte, was a 22-year old model and mother from Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Committed suicide 

She committed suicide at around 2 pm while she was on a WhatsApp video call with her husband. She was found unconscious and then rushed to the hospital.   Source: Daily Mail


..she was pronounced dead before doctors could examine her. Her body was then sent for an autopsy.   


Police said the reason behind her suicide remains to be established. There are reports that she was suffering from some marital problems and depression.   She started her modelling career in 2012. 


She has left behind a 3-year old daughter who was staying at her grandparents' house when the model committed suicide. 


Binte was pursuing a degree in English Literature from Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology. Below are pictures from her modelling days!