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Ever Wondered What That Crusty Particle In Your Eyes' Corner Says About Your Health?

We every day wake up with a weird crusty particle in the corner of our eyes. What do you think it is? It is referred as eye boogers or sleepy sands. It's normal to have it in the form of a tiny hard substance as well as a clear or colored liquid. It is made up of mucus, dead skin cells, oil, dust, and bacteria.Now, what causes such mucus in our eyes? It's actually really simple. When we get tears, it protects and cleans our eye. But when we are asleep, it reduces the chances of tears. And so those tears convert into a semisolid mass or small dry balls. Often it's normal and not harmful to us, but in some conditions, it can be a serious matter.Since excessive boogers have specific reasons behind it, so here are some tips for you, about what your sleepy sand or eye boogers speak about you. 

You have a cold

When you have a cold, it causes water to discharge from irritated red eyes. It will get better as you recover from cold. But if it gets green in color, you must visit a doctor.

You have an eye infection

If you wake up and feel your eyes glued, it's a sign you should consult a doctor. Often, washing the eyelids with commercial lid scrub or baby shampoo can help. 

You are allergic to something

If you are allergic to something, your eyes will soon start getting red and itchy resulting in stringy discharge.

Your eyes are dry

Dry eyes can be the reason that you may be having excessive tears. This happens when your lacrimal gland which produces tears must be under-processing. 

Your contact lenses may be dirty or old

It's recommended that one should keep upgrading and changing the lenses time to time as lenses contain bacteria and viruses. It's also possible that it may be getting dirty due to daily use.

You have a plugged gland

Tears are produced all day long, but if getting excessive, it may be because your upper and lower eyelids called Puncta might be opened. This goes away on its own but sometimes can require medical intervention. Children often suffer this but they grow through it.

Pink eye

If it' s been days and you are still getting redness along with pain or sensitivity with light, you need antibiotics as you may be suffering from pink eye. Pink eye is also called Bacterial Conjunctivitis.

Now, let's talk about some symptoms of eye discharge

Various disorders can occur during the eye mucus discharge. This includes itchiness, pain, fever, dryness, nasal congestion, redness, light sensitivity, burning sensation, and cough.

The symptoms can get worse

If you still leave it untreated, the symptoms can get worse like cornea problems, blurred vision, infection spreading, bloodshot eyes, dry eyes and sometimes vision loss.

How to get rid of eye boogers?

There are many things one can do to get rid of boogers. Firstly, one must wash hands and eyes frequently to prevent it. Applying wet towel to the eyes for a few minutes and gently wiping away the mucus can help. For girls, it's recommended to change the eye makeup stuff after having an eye infection and during an infection, one must not use eye makeup. Removing contact lenses and allowing eyes to breathe is also a good option.If you have some more suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.