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21 Dumbest Posts On Facebook Ever

Facebook is full of dumb (in fact, dumbest) people. And I have a lot of evidence. Want to see?Trust me, you are going to have some good laugh here. These people on my list intentionally/unintentionally posted on Facebook something uncommon and were left embarrassed later. But thanks to them that we are today getting a good dose of humor.Keep calm and lift your mood!PS: Bear some poor quality screenshots.

1. She said goodbye to general knowledge also.

2. New fact, the song was actually in German language.

3. Seems like they are in full mood to entertain us.

4. RIP Photoshop!

5. The Great Wall of China is in Michigan.

6. Pray that one day nature will make yours as well.

7. Dumb people alert!

8. Who landed the Statue Of Liberty there?

9. Squirrels feel pity for you too, man.

10. God knows what went wrong with Jamie.

11. Who takes a turtle for a bird? Oh right! I forgot- Stupid people.

12. Thanks Catlin, today I got to know how penguins look like.

13. I want to be the person to ''dislike'' this.

14. Thank God I am not the product of Harvard!

15. Admins, you are just brilliant.

16. The kid is way too young to understand the importance of life.