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Ten Things You Won't Believe Footballers Gifted Themselves

Footballers are one of a kind, aren't they? All their life they work hard to achieve their dreams and some of them, when they do, spend on so mundane things that it goes beyond belief. Footballers are known to have eccentric things, take Ronaldo's Bugatti Chiron for instance, he's got one of the first models that was ever produced by Bugatti or Samuel Eto'o Aston Martin DB9 for that regards. From million dollar mansions to supercars to amazing collection of watches, they have them all. But sometimes, they let their impulses get the better of them and they end up buying things that they would've regretted to say the least. One of them ended up buying a pig while someone else ended up buying an entire church.So we at WittyFeed bring you a list of ten footballers who made absolutely ridiculous purchases. Want to know more? Scroll down.

#10 Title of Lord.

In May 2005, following the miracle of Istanbul, Djibril Cissé probably got carried away and bought himself the title of 'Lord of the Manor of Frodsham' following the purchase of a mansion costing £2 million.The title allegedly dates back to 1086 and has been held by various families over the years.

#9 Anger therapy for his... horse 

Wayne Rooney was subjected to internet trolls when he bought a horse named "Tomway". Yes Tomway, we reckon the name is even more stupid than the decision to buy a horse but it gets worse. Tomway had apparently anger issues and Rooney had to hire an equine therapist just to get them managed.

#8 Beer, lots of beer! 

When one earns £200,000 a week, we reckon there's a 'little' margin to spend it on weird things, isn't it? Well, the Uruguayan Luis Suarez not for the first time did that and when he was seen in Liverpool having a cart full of Corona, we knew Luis knows how to party.

#7 A Church 

Zlatan Ibrahimović refers himself as a god. He never shies away from calling himself as a god and proudly mentions that he cannot help but laugh at how perfect he is. So what's the best thing a god can have? A church and Zlatan did exactly the same.But even more amazing was the fact he turned it into an apartment!

#6 Chrome car

William Gallas wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to defenders. His decision making was questionable, his tackling was mistimed, to say the least. Although at his pomp he was a top player, he had his embarrassing moments as well. One of them probably was splashing £350,000 on a chrome plated Mercedes SLR McLaren.

#5 Throne

David Beckham wasn't one of those people who'd showcase their wealth. Beckham prefers to stay low key but when you're one of the most popular footballers even in 1999, you can afford a few eccentricities cannot you?Enter a gold throne. When David Beckham married Victoria Adams in 1999, the couple sat before their guests at the reception on gold thrones! Beckham surely knows how to celebrate big events, doesn't he?

#4 Camouflage Collection

Spoiler alert: This isn't the first time Mario is featured on this list. This time although, it's his camouflage collection. In November 2012, Balotelli splashed £160,000 on buying a camouflaged Bentley we all were shocked.But Balotelli took it one step further, he uploaded a picture on social media in his camouflaged clothes near his camouflaged bike and car. He was quoted saying that the camouflage helps him hide. Wow Mario, wow.

#3 Gold Car

No, it isn't a gold plated car, footballers are rich but not oil rich.But that doesn't stop them, does it? So when in 2009 the Senegalese forward El-Hadji Diouf splashed the cash to buy a shining gold plated Cadillac Escalade which in itself was pricey enough at £53,000, it shocked us all.Just like Diouf, the car also made a name for itself for being handed penalties.

#2 Ermm... everything?

If there's a king of ridiculous purchases, it's Stoke City's Stephen Ireland. He has bought so many ridiculous things, we don't even know where to start? From a pink Range Rover to a customized Audi R8 colored in Manchester City's blue, from a customized pool table with his name embroidered to a customized Bentley for his wag, he's done it all when it comes to ridiculous purchases. Sadly for us, the rumors of him having a shark tank under his kitchen turned out to be false.

#1 A pig

We told you that Balotelli would make a second appearance on this list, didn't we? So here it is, Mario Balotelli bought a pig and named him 'Super'. Balotelli's pig situation got so ludicrous, that apparently super wasn't allowed to enter Great Britain till Balotelli himself would register him as a breeder. The hilarious part is that his transfer from AC Milan to Liverpool took less time than his pig's transfer. Mario certainly knows how to (not) spend money doesn't he?So there it is, if you liked the content, make sure to like, comment and share.