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Who Has The Most Iconic Celebration Style In World Football?

Football as a sport is known for many things, the drama, the intrigue, the excitement all make a part of an explosive package that for 90 minutes ties a person to the edge of their seat. In sport, there were always a few people whose name not only managed to capture our eyes but their celebrations too. Take Cristiano Ronaldo for instance, his 'calma calma' and Superman celebrations are as iconic as the man himself or Lionel Messi's finger pointing to the sky for that regards.So you see, there are one or two people in the sport who are known for the celebration too. Some dance around the corner flag, some take a selfie and some take off their t-shirt to reveal a vest on which the words "Why always me?" are inscribed. So we at WittyFeed have compiled a list of 15 such celebrations.

#15 Wayne Rooney

Rooney's known for his goal scoring but his celebration is as iconic as his goal tally. 

#14 Peter Crouch

Crouch's robot celebration is synonymous with him... or his height.

#13 Daniel Sturridge

Sturridge's wave celebration is a proof that no matter how ridiculous your celebration is if you keep scoring it won't matter.

#12 Samuel Eto'o

The old man celebration is as legendary and as iconic as the striker's pedigree.

#11 Stevie G!

Although he was trolled relentlessly for this celebration, we must say it's pretty iconic.

#10 Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill used to channel his inner Mike Tyson when he used to box with the corner flag.

#9 Jimmy Bullard

The Hull City player famously re-enacted the half time team talk his manager gave on the pitch instead of the away team dressing room. 

#8 Mario Balotelli 

Not for the only time Mario will appear on this list. This time though, it's for his iconic muscle flex celebration.

#7 Eric Cantona 

The legendary number 7 is at the 7th spot pretending it is just normal for him to score goals worthy of the contender of the goal of the decade. 

#6 Roger Milla

Who can forget the iconic dance at the corner flag? 

#5 Ryan Giggs

Giggs scored one of the greatest ever goals in FA Cup semi-finals vs Arsenal and took his shirt off revealing his hairy chest, a celebration which became a part of Manchester United folklore.

#4 Bafetimbi Gomis

Gomis used to get down on his knees and crawl like a zombie. A celebration which haunted many Premier League clubs.

#3 Cristiano Ronaldo

Do we even need to explain why is this iconic?

#2 Mario Balotelli

Why always him? Because he knows how to entertain doesn't he, sometimes by just taking his shirt off.

#1 Stjarnan FC 

The Icelandic took the world by storm when they pulled off a celebration which looks like people showing off their huge catch of fish and because of that reason, it's number one on our list.