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20 Of The Most Stunning Hanging Bridges Around The World

Hanging bridges were earlier made for making commute an easy way. But soon we evolved, we came up with technologies and better ways to travel and so bridges lost their importance. But now, these hanging bridges are one of the best tourist attractions for many states in the world.Many of the bridges are built thousands of feet above the sea level while some are just 20 feet above, but no matter what, it seems a bit scary when you have to cross one. And if you have to walk on a bridge made up of wood, bamboos or just ropes, trust me when i say, you will be frightened out of your wits.Until and unless you don't think ten time before crossing a bridge, it isn't the scary one. So, here is a list of 20 stunning hanging bridges from around the world that can give you chills.

1. AIGUILLE DU MIDI BRIDGE- Mont Blanc Massif, France

Located 3,842 meters (12,604 feet) above sea level, the bridge links the peaks of the Aiguille Du Midi. The biggest attraction here is the ride on the world's highest vertical ascent car. Visitors can clearly see into France, Italy and Switzerland.

2. EL CAMINITO DEL REY- Malaga, Spain

Majorly this bridge was built to help workers with a path to cross between the hydroelectric power plant, but soon it became a tourist place. It is 100 meters above the sea level.

3. PEAK WALK BY TISSOT- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

The world's first pedestrian suspension bridge that connects two peaks View Point Peak and Scex Rouge Peak. It was opened in October in Glacier 3000 and is 107-meter long bridge which cost $2 million to build.

4. SOCHI SKYBRIDGE- Sochi, Russia

With the highest swing and a 700-meter long zip wire, the Sochi Sky Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge. The bridge is 439-meter long with an attractive view of the black sea.

5. EUROPE BRIDGE- Switzerland

This 494m bridge called Europabrücke (Europe Bridge) is 85m above the Grabengufer ravine. Since the earlier bridge was damaged by rock falls, this one has replaced it. It is a two-day hiking trail between Zermatt and Grachen with a view of 4478 meter high Matterhorn Mountain.

6. TIGBAO HANGING BRIDGE- Bohol, Philippines

Made of metal but with bamboo top layer to give a thrilling look, the bridge hangs 25 meters above the river.

7. TAMAN NEGARA NATIONAL PARK BRIDGE- Titiwangsa Mountains, Malaysia

Malaysia's longest suspension bridge which stands 530 meters long, the Taman Negara National Park Bridge stretches through the top of the trees in the Taman Negara, Malaysia. 


First, this bridge was built in 1889 and was rebuilt in 1956. It's 127 meters across and 70 meter above Vancouver's Capilano river. This place receives more than 70,000 visitors every year.


A solution to cattle herding at the ups and downs of Ghasa narrow road, the bridge is now used by every one in order to deliver products to the local families.

10. TRIFT BRIDGE-Gadmen, Switzerland

With 170 meters of length, the bridge hangs over Trift glacier and can be accessed via a cable car. The bridge was built for the global warming. But now the top can be reached on foot. But still, when the glacier shrink, it's the only way to access.

11. THE MARIENBRUCKE- Bavaria, Germany

Named after the Marie of Prussia, the Marienbrucke (or Mary's Bridge) is located in Bavaria, Germany. It was reconstructed by King Ludwig II because he wanted a place from where his castle construction could be seen.

12. CARRICK-A-REDE ROPE BRIDGE, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The main reason behind building the bridge was that the fishermen could cross the 30 meter deep and 20 meter wide gorge to check their salmon nets, but soon it turned into a tourist place. People are seen doing stunts at the structure including headstands.


173 meters above the Naruka-gawa River, this is the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge. Built in 2006, this bridge is 390 meters long.

14. LIVING ROOT BRIDGE- Meghalaya, India

Located in North East India, this bridge should be on your must visit list. It's a 50 meter long bridge that can handle 500 people at one point of time.

15. HIGHLINE 170- Reutte, Austria

Length of 403 meters and height of 110 meters, Highline 170 will soon be the longest pedestrian suspension bridge. it's named after a tourist route.

16. BAMBOO BRIDGE- Arunachal Pradesh, India

Traditional rope bridge over the Siang valley made up of bamboo and ropes. 


The bridge is 1,053 feet above the ground and is 1,270 feet long. It was built for $350,000 and weights 1500 tons. The walkway is made of 1,270 plans of deck and about 250 are changed every year.

18. CANOPY WALK- Ghana

The place has 7 bridges that cover total 330 meters and are 40 meters high. Made out of netting and wires, the bridge is known for being scary for the visitors who wish to cross.

19. HANGING BRIDGE- West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh, India

This state in India has many bridges, most of them are made up of bamboo and ropes. The hanging bridge is 70 meters long and is one of the most renowned attraction spot.


This bridge goes creek, it bounces and swings as you cross it.