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There Is A blunder In All These Pictures, Can You Figure Out What? 

A lot of times there are answers to your questions right in front of your eyes and yet you aren't able to see or figure them out. It takes some concentration and a different approach to figure out a few answers that are mostly really simple but we just aren't looking at them from the angle we should. So today, I bring to you 10 pictures that look all normal and not all bizarre but when you'll see closely, you'll figure out what's wrong with them. There is something wrong with all of them. No exception. So do you think you're a genius and can figure out the answers in one go?Let's give it a go, scroll down and have fun!P.S. The answers to all of them are at the last. 


This man with a guitar on a beach, looks all normal, right? 


Just a picture of Venice looking all good. But it isn't!


Someone left their bike near this pond, but what's wrong in that?


A bunch of scissors just hanging out on a table. 


These pretty women exercising look all normal to me. 


A young lad, going to school probably!


Ready for bowling!?


A crew of over enthusiastic friends! 


On a family walk!


A model, maybe? Posing for a shoot!Could you figure out what was wrong in all these pictures? Or at least in a few of them?Well, here are the answers!1. The deck chair doesn’t have a bar to hold the backrest.2. Gondolas don’t have sails.3. The pedals are positioned incorrectly: one must be higher than the other.4. Take a look at the scissors in the upper left corner — the handles are together but the blades are not.5. All three girls are missing belly buttons.6. The halves of the chessboard are of different thicknesses.7. One shoe has more lace holes than the other.8. There is an extra hand behind the girl in blue.9. The shadows of the man and the girl are swapped.10. The heel of one of the shoes she’s wearing is thicker than the heel of the other shoe.How many could you guess? Tell us in the comments section below!That's all, mates. You can reach out to me on drishti@wittyfeed.com.Stay tuned!