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30 Worst Timed Photographs To Waste Your Time On The Internet

Photographs, what a beautiful word that is; as soon as you hear it, you start to miss all the pictures which you've come across in your life. From your childhood memories to those nudes you stalk silently on your phone. Worst to good and then best to worsened, it plays like a slideshow in your mind.However, no matter how carefully we carry ourselves throughout life in those photogenic moments, we're bound to feel embarrassed eventually. Cringeworthy awkward moments are part of our life, but what you're going to notice below is the next level thing. You'll see in the pictures below that some moments are worse than the others, and what's more shameful is that they've found their way to the internet, and this particular list is not a good place to be.These worst photographs from the web will not only make you laugh but at the same time, you may thank God that it's not you.Happy time wasting!Have a look!

#30 His GF asked him to get on her foot.

And it seems like this guy took it way too seriously. God saves the world, and the world needs to protect the brain.

#29 The wrong shirt day.

Is this guy racist by chance or by choice? Well, I wonder what would Martin Luther King Jr. say to him.

#28 Read on!

Congratulations to all of those who read it '@nal,' but look closely, and you'll see Canada.

#27 What's next?

Am I the only one or is it most of you who are wondering what might have happened after that? Terror.

#26 Summers are going to say it's photoshopped.

Maybe this man didn't know that winter is coming. It's the most disgusting situation for getting photographed.

#25 Indian is called an Indian man. What would you call this?

I have an answer; it's called a radish man. Didn't like it? Well, the joke is still better than the picture.

#24 Please tell me...

What will you do in this situation? I'd have just called 911 and slapped the officer. Ahh, it's much better in prison.

#23 Don't try this at your wedding.

However, if you want people to remember your wedding for a little longer time, then go for it. It's your special day after all.

#22 Okay, so here's the first family photo fail.

I used to believe that only my family is weird, but then I found this on the internet.

#21 This is ridiculous

We've got plenty of like this on the web, and they're all free, free, free!

#20 Cry of the future.

Maybe this cute little adorable secretary of mine just imagined what's life is going to be when she's all grown up and gets a job. Don't grow up lady; it's a trap.

#19 Tyrion Lannister?

Yeah, I know he's not Tyrion, but that's because he didn't audition for the role. Rest is all the same (no pun intended).

#18 Side by side.

You know what, I guess those who'll get caught in this situation will manage on their own. Men are flexible; they can manage.

#17 When you know how to flaunt.

It's another addition to weird family photos. After ten years, this guy will have damn reasons to cherish this photograph.

#16 The wedding posture part two.

Before this, I had only heard that your wedding postures reveal a lot about your personality. But now I guess it's all coming out quick.

#15 Best car parking be like.

The lady had all the space in the world she needs, still she did this to poor baby?

#14 Right on target.

Only men can imagine this, the milliseconds moment before pain sets in. Grabbing the balls.

#13 What's the worst which can happen to you on the wedding day?

Well, you don't have to imagine; here's the living example. Thank you internet.

#12 Quiz: It's a tattoo fail, or a school fail?

Things like this happen when you love your mather, but mather never trained you how to spell.

#11 Beautiful aren't they?

I'm talking about the two girls, haven't you looked at their face yet?

#10 One fine day, during Olympics.

You're drunk grandpa, go home. You're drunk.

#9 Do you love sports?

It only happens with a few people that when they love sports, sports loves them back. Intimate.

#8 Find what's wrong in this picture?

Exactly, that's why it is said that you should never ask for directions on the beach, you may regret.

#7 Another wedding day fail.

Well, her smile reveals that he's just the kind of a man she hoped to see on her wedding day.

#6 What would you call this?

I'd personally say, "Hah! It's clever, very and very clever."

#5 Smelly cat.

It reminds me of the famed song from a famous sitcom Friends, smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

#4 Cold water.

The guy honestly said the water is cold, but she insisted on checking how much cold it was.

#3 That's why...

That's why you should never leave grandpa alone at home. Not in kids room.

#2 See this.

And you should never leave a grandpa in makeup room either, because he may make out with cosmetics.

#1 This is the worst photograph on the internet.

I mean, what are they even trying to do? We bet you can't guess it.