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Waist Size, Hip Dip, Thigh Gap & Everything That Celebs Boasted To Give Us Wetness

"Hey Momma, I need to have an ideal body when I grow up."We have been hearing since forever that there exists nothing like a 'perfect' or an 'ideal' body. But is that really so or are we all kept from the harsh truth of the new body standards that our society is setting for the next gen?Instagram has long been the one-stop point to find out the latest trends to follow now. From common people like you & me (Ignore this in case you're a celeb) to the local celebrities who have thousands of millions of followers to the Hollywood A-listers, everyone uses Insta to show & to find out what trends to follow.However, in past few months, Insta has been treating us with quite bizarre and lucrative trends/challenges that got all over our heads and hearts. Even the busiest of the celebs did not remain untouched from these and we saw a lot of those pictures that somehow or anyhow seemed to resemble the trends being followed.So be ready with a lollypop in your mouth while I take you on a steamy ride where that senseless ideal body's concept gets cleared.ATTENTION: There are a hidden question and answer in this article. Can you find them out?

And to make this informational piece a bit lucrative, I will...

...talk the language of celebrities.

Ideal body concept #1 

The Rib Cage trend.

1. Gigi Hadid's rib cage

This 22-year-old American model did not take birth to live a life where a million do not follow her. She is everything a man dreams of a long day at work and it is Gigi Hadid's social media posts that help men release the stress. While her sister, Bella Hadid (Who is featured ahead in the article) is already bragging her rib cage photos, Gigi is no behind.*We are just Gigi-ling**

2. Rita Ora's rib cage

As if Kourtney Kardashian's selfie showing her mighty rib cage was not enough, Rita Ora came up with hers as we got to know after this selfie surfaced on the internet. Rita first nailed it with her song "Kiss Me" for Fifty Shades Darker and then gave her fans this new trend to follow.

3. Kate Beckinsale's rib cage

Pearl Harbour actress and the proud mother of a grown up daughter, Kate is always glowing and whenever she dawns a bikini, we just do not turn our head from that sculpted rib of hers.

Ideal body concept #2 

A4 sized waist trend.

1. Emily Ratajkowski's flat abs

Wow! Having her featured in David Fincher's Gone Girl, Emily is my personal favorite. Favorite to a level that I can spend minutes ogling at her unique belly button. Her A4 sized center part is nowhere behind in giving the upcoming models abs-goals.

2. Nina Dobrev's flat abs

Recently, a thousand hearts broke when the news broke out that Nina is dating Glen Powell and it got confirmed. This girl in the picture is yet another one who can depress girls with her slim and trim physique.

3. Bella Hadid's flat abs

Now this image of Bella has got me crazy, like literally. Look at those shades, that denim bikini, and that body beneath it (Sadly, you have to leave this to the imagination), she is the goddess. Her A4 stomach is everything that can suffice for a hot ideal body.

Ideal body concept #3

Thigh Gap trend.

1. Alexis Ren's thigh gap

This girl here is raising the temperature with that air pass-way in between her thighs. Now I personally do not consider this or any other trend for that matter a parameter to judge a girl. But, at the same time, I also will say that this gap does look good to eyes at times.

2. Kylie Jenner's thigh gap

Our girl in pink will turn 20 on August 10, 2017. She is a Beauty-Bible and I would suggest no girl to take her body type as an inspiration, not because she has any imperfection (if that word makes sense to you) but because we should love the skin we're in.

3. Beyonce's thigh gap

Now, this one is a bit controversial and only Jay-Z can actually tell if Beyonce deserves to be on the list or not. The thigh gap, the very hot one, is said to have been created with photoshop but nothing of that sort is proved till date. Well, even if it gets proved, our love and lust for Beyonce's curves might just never hinder.

Ideal Body Concept #4

The Back Dimples!

1. Miley Cyrus

So here, you see that there are two tiny potholes present on the lower back that are also called as Venus Dimples. There also is this bizarre yet proven saying which states that having the dimples of venus actually lead to a better and an easy orgasm.

2. Kimberley garner

No wonder why Kimberley stays so happy!

3. Cote de Pablo

Isn't this exactly how you define something as "sexy"? Wait, a lot is to come in images further.

Ideal body concept #5

Perfect hourglass figure trend.

1. Beyonce's hourglass figure

Many people may question that it is not hourglass and stuff like that, but the hype around an ideal figure is always there when we are talking about Beyonce. Her singing, dancing and the presence over social media give us all the reasons to believe that she has that perfect bod to show off.

2. Kelly Brook

Often regarded as World's Most Perfect Woman, Kelly is everything but imperfect. She is the complete package you can get, sorry that you can never get your hands on!

3. The deadly duo

Mmmmmm... I better don't utter a word here. *Double Trouble*

Ideal body concept #6 

The hip-dips trend.

1. Secret Celeb's hip-dips

Can you guess without searching for it on Google who this Instagram Queen actually is? I am sorry but I am in no mood to kill your excitement this early by giving away the hint, but all I can say here is that her face is unveiled at the end of the article for you to see and enjoy.

2. Kourtney Kardashian's hip dips

The Kardashian clan is all featured on the list and the one who loves being in jeans is featured in the hip-dips column. Yes, Kourtney's sexy dip right below her waist is something to notice and praise. (Only that you've to stop yourself from taking any negative inspiration)

3. Amber Rose's hip dips

'Dancing with the Stars' fame and the all-curvy Amber does not shy away from showing those bulges and let me make one thing clear here, even if she tries to hide anything, her body type won't allow. So, it was just obvious for us to see those hip dips visible even when she sports in a body hugging jeans.

Bizarre Instagram Challenge #1

The hold pencil under your b**b challenge spread like a wildfire and saw a dramatic participation from the young girls around the world.

Bizarre Instagram Challenge #2

The NSFW 1-finger challenge is everything about... what the picture above is explaining.

The belly button challenge took China by storm and we just failed to understand why!

Remember that celeb carrying hip dips whose back was shown?

It is none other than Instagram's hottest and highest earning superstar, Selena Gomez.Now, listen my readers, thanks for reading the article this far and I just want to end it by saying that it is still ok to be a part of such trends but it is never ok to feel bad about yourself if anyone calls you imperfect. We are all imperfect, even the celebs mentioned in this post lack at least one or more things in them. This is how humans are designed, they carry imperfections with a smile and leave everyone impressed.Wear a smile and a kind heart! Mail me to sourabh@wittyfeed.com in case you wish to share anything.