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18 Funniest And Weirdest Google Search Results Ever

Though most of you might be having an embarrassing Google search history, yet you may be enthralled to see what more Google has in store for you except for the apps. Let me tell you that I'm not such an avid Google surfer myself but what I've come across today around the internet, is truly hilarious.You might have come across some of these results somewhere but out of these, some may also strike you as totally new. In my random Google searches, I’ve rarely witnessed an odd suggestion, but according to many Internet sites that I frequent in my neverending quest to accomplish leisure time productivity, Google is one such seriously strange mamma-jamma when it comes to offering suggestions. Why go anywhere when Google has everything including funny suggestions too? I would seriously like to drag you into reading some of this hilarious stuff that people have searched in different regions and obtained following results. Let's take a sneak-peek!P.S: I'll drag you into reading this because I was dragged too by my CEO (Although, I laughed my ass off at the end!). So go on!

#1 Ever searched for love?

OMG! Mind blowing this is. I can't believe love can be found so easily in the world, and guess what, even the internet has the solution for it. Well, eBay sells it all and that too at lowest prices. Would you like to go and buy?

#2 Why do I have...

Could you believe Google understands your basic sanitation concerns too? Well, it looks so here at least.

#3 Warcraft search be like...

Well, I'd rather not say it. It's better you see it yourself.

#4 Help the local girls!

Oh my lord! This one is something I can't stop laughing on. Poor local girls!

#5 Mind you Hitler!

Hey, Google! Why would Hitler come all the way from his graveyard just for my 'Nutella'? Oh right, because it's damn delicious.

#6 Google, are you serious?

Well, how come this be possible on Earth. How does even Google know that I've strawberries and they're not in the basket?

#7 Boyfriend, you're a file now...

Hello, single ladies! Why don't you try downloading this file, may be Google might have one. Aha!

#8 Wait, what? Who does this?

Google introduced auto-complete in 2010. Since then the feature has resulted in some pretty hilarious results. Take for example the classic "what would happen if..." query. How many people actually wonder what would happen if something, as suggested above by Google, would have been true?

#9 Yeah, the eyes I guess.

Google be appropriate sometimes. Yet, quite a racist. No wait, I think that's actually true. Look into their eyes man!

#10 Numberphilia.

27, 32, 82. How do you feel now? Are you getting a boner? Or 64, 92… 562. How about now? Are you so turned on that you need to go and have a little tug? Wait here, it's just a Google suggestion you were looking at! Don't get too excited if you have Numberphilia. LOL!

#11 Like a tree.

Google, you're killing me bro! Does it even have an option?

#12 Does this happen with you?

Google is empathetic with the ones facing this.

#13 Quirky Google.

I have absolutely no words to say. Just think of it once and you'll vomit.

#14 Man Vs Wild.

I think this be too far a man can think of, and that too just for the sake of increasing his IQ! Unbelievable.

#15 Pokemon is love...

Oh right! Now you're such a game fanatic that you can't even leave pokemon. Ok, Google. Got it Google.

#16 Poop gone too serious.

I'm speechless to utter something now! Better you laugh on all the above options.

#17 Grammar matters...

This one makes a good point because using good grammar in searches is important. Using "u" instead of "an individual" provides two drastically different results. Watch out while you search, Google minds it. LOL!

#18 This one's truly hilarious.

Ever tried searching for stuff like this? Well, this one is what I personally searched for. See the difference in the results for two languages - Hindi and English. Yeah, so much difference.I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and had a fun time. Do share your views in the comment section below and subscribe for more.That's all folks! Keep smiling.