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Something Big Is Coming In This Season Of GoT And It's Not What You Think 

So finally, the day came when the GoT S7 E1 aired on HBO for which everyone was eagerly waiting. The first episode contained a lot of shocking events that helped it take the show to another level. This episode took us to a world larger than life where everyone seemed to be planning for something big, even the small characters are charged up to contributing to the making of history.All the events in the first episode tell us that the winter is finally here and everyone is ready to face that on their own level. From Sam to Arya, from Jon to Sansa, everyone has their own desire and plannings against the winter and the White Walkers. So without wasting the time, let's jump into the insights.

Arya on her way

We all know from the last episode that Arya is on her way to kill everyone and complete the list that she was preparing since long. Now, she has moved to the other target.

Feast of the Frey 

Arya was not satisfied with Walder Frey's death. So she decided to kill all the family members of the Frey family and fearlessly said to a girl that "If someone asked about this, then say the North remembers" and now is heading to King's Landing to take on her next target.

Jon on the Throne 

Jon and Sansa are in Winterfell leading the army and other allies and had an argument in which Sansa was looking upset and disagreed. May be this is a hint of something big coming in the next episode because Sansa is looking mysterious and her words are representing the same.

More Kids?

It's her insult to call Lady Lyanna Mormont a kid because she is enough to kill all the White Walkers by herself. But, can these two new kids who are the part of the North family in the Council of Jon Snow be as strong as Lyanna? Well, we have to wait for that to be disclosed! 

I'm in love with the shape of you

Arya is on the way to King's Landing and wait! Here is the entry of the most awaited character in GoT S7, none other than Ed Sheeran! Now the time will tell us the chemistry between them but here they are looking friendly.

The lonely Queen

After the death of Tommen, Cersei took over the throne and she is a seemingly helpless queen. She doesn't have allies to fight and everyone is her enemy if we believe her. Jamie is not looking happy with her decision of joining allies with Greyjoys.

The man with a thousand ships

As we know that Yara and Theon joined hands with Dany (Daenerys Targaryen) and stole all the ships from Euron Greyjoy, he built a thousand more and presented them in front of Cersei in exchange of a marriage proposal. After Cersei's big NO, he promised a big gift but what will the gift be? Is it Dany? Or something bigger?   

Sam's solution 

Sam is working hard to become a master and he found out a cure or we must say a treasure of Dragonglass which is the key to killing the White Walkers. The Dragonglass is situated under Dragonstone where Dany and team are present. Sam has informed Jon regarding this. Oh Wait! Is it the time we see Jon and Dany's first ever meeting? Well, we all are waiting for that moment. 

Dany on Dragonstone 

Dany and team finally reached the Dragonstone where she was reliving the memories, of her childhood maybe and she was eager to start something! Is it the war planning or something else? 

The old friend 

In The Library, we saw a patient's hand coming out and asking about the Dragon queen with a weird hand. Yeah, you are right, he is Jorah Mormont and he is not looking cured at all!

Wun Wun as the White Walker?

Our beloved Wun Wun who died in the battle of bastards is back and now he is on the other side. He became the White Walker and a big danger to the people of North.

Lady Stoneheart

Most of you are not aware of the lady Stoneheart chapter but there is a theory that Catelyn Stark may return as Lady Stoneheart and there is a probability that she might join the army of the dead.There is also a probability of some other characters to return and we only can guess.Well, there were many twists in the plot of the first episode. Only the time will show us what's gonna change but for now, brace yourself because Winter Is Here.