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Wait, What? Game Of Thrones Has An Indian Connection?

Indians love the television series Game Of Thrones as much as anyone else does in other countries. But did you know the connection between India and this American fantasy drama? Game Of Thrones, an adaptation of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' has projected very impressive swords and armaments. And motion pictures and TV creation houses put forth an admirable attempt to present to their watchers a persuading story and fascinating visual experience.Although, fans making the most of their week binge watching these TV series presumably have no idea that the show producers might go to a great extent for authenticity. In specific TV series and sitcoms, film props assume a focal part in setting the tone and furthermore propelling the plot. Motion pictures set in the medieval period demand authenticity which can be attained via showcasing licensed battle armor and well-plotted battle sequences.With regards to the former, it may be intriguing for you to realize that a Dehradun-based company, Windlass Steelcrafts has been playing a major role in bringing to you the amazing chunk of entertainment.Let's explore how... 

Meet Pradeep Windlass, President of Windlass group.

This is what he has to say, "Along with the props, knives, and armors we make for the Hollywood hit TV series Game Of Thrones, we have undertaken various other projects too. The knife James Bond throws at the end in Skyfall was ours. Remember the sword Liam Neeson had in Batman Begins? That was ours too." 

Jon Snow's Ensemble.

“We are the only manufacturer of licensed garments for Game Of Thrones in India,” Sugandh Windlass told Hindustan Times. They’ve also produced replica costumes for Rome, Spartacus, the Harry Potter and Star Wars films, Gone With The Wind, 300 and 300 - Rise of an Empire. “Harry Potter and the Star Wars costumes did well, but the Game Of Thrones costumes have been among the most popular.” 

Ned Stark's costume.

With the amazing attire viz armor of Jon Snow, this firm has also designed the exquisite costume of Ned Stark. And the design is much appreciable!

Earlier supplied Khukris.

The factory started in 1943 employing only 50 workers. Back then, they produced ‘khukris’ for the Gorkha regiment of the British Army. The soldiers used the khukris to battle enemies in World War II, said Sarthak Gupta, CEO Windlass Steelcrafts.

And the Badges too...

It was when they started making replicas of old (and famous) weaponry, badges and swords after 1978, that they started getting international attention from collectors. Hollywood props always attract high interest, the company owners believe.

Game Of Thrones Props.

Another Dehradun based company named Lord of Battles has also been associated with Game Of Thrones, as well as a host of other shows and movies (The Bastard Executioner).

Lord of Battles is also associated with the Game Of Thrones.

Lord of Battles was founded in 2005 by Capt. Saurabh Mahajan, an ex-army officer. It was started by this man, and they make everything ranging from chain mail to war hammers to be used not just as props in movies and TV shows, but as replicas as well. In fact, Saurabh himself said his company was working with Game Of Thrones through season 4 and 5.

Grown to a 130 member team.

Lord of Battles today consists of a team of 130 members, and the team creates a whole range of medieval costumes, armors, and battle gear to help film audiences lose themselves in the era of kings and queens, castles and conspiracies.

From Game Of Thrones to much more...

One of Lord of Battles’ first big breaks was supplying costumes for the famous play Le Morte Arthur by Warwickshire-based Royal Shakespeare Company. From there on, the word spread, and marketing, as well as referrals, helped them bag bigger offers with Hollywood as well as the Russian and French film industries, due to which they supplied armours and helmets in the series Game Of Thrones (season 4 and 5), The Hobbit, Bastard Executioner, Kolovrat, The Treasures of Lake Kaban, and Excalibur etc.

And in the Assassin’s Creed...

Saurabh also pointed out that Lord of Battles recently supplied chainmail and plate armor for Hollywood blockbuster Assassin’s Creed, starring Michael Fassbender.I hope you now know the connection between Game Of Thrones and India. Isn't it amazing to have this insight of the most loved TV series to date? Well, I guess so. Let me know your views on this in the comment section below. That's all folks!