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Disney Announces Its Cast For Aladdin And We Already Can't Wait To See The Film

You wish and it's Disney's command, and it is successfully granted!Disney shared the amazing cast news at Disney's fan convention, the D23 Expo, at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California near Disneyland. The studio proudly displayed the pictures of its three lead cast members, and the crowd was entirely head over their heels. People were wild and cheered extremely loud when Disney revealed the name of an actor who'll be playing the character of Genie.Recently it was reported that the studio is struggling and having the problems in casting the perfect actors for three primary roles in the film. And people around the world started making their guesses when it was out that the production company is looking for an artist who is in his twenties and can sing, act and dance. Especially, the man of Middle Eastern of Indian descent.Slumdog Millionaire's actor, Dev Patel, was also considered for the role, but it turns out that Disney has found its perfectly matched cast members and you'll be in the best of your moods after knowing it.Have a look!

The animated characters will now come to life.

Disney, which is converting all its animated box-office characters into live-action films one at a time had recently announced that it wishes to start the production of Aladdin anytime soon and is looking for the characters of Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie. And it turns out that after all the troubles, they've finally found the lucky ones.

Aladdin | Mena Massoud

Disney has finally announced it on Saturday that Mena Massoud has signed the contract and will now be officially playing the role of Aladdin in their live action remake.

And as some people will say his face is different...

We won't disagree because Mena Massoud is indeed a newcomer (though he has done some unnoticeable work) in the industry.A lot of people have been spotted saying that his physical features are entirely different from that of animated character, but look at that SMILE for once!

I mean, just look at him, he's going to be our Aladdin.

*I'm dying out of excitement* Hold me.

He could be the next BIG thing in Hollwyood.

Moving on, don't you want to know which actress will be playing the role of Jasmine in the film? Well, see below.

Jasmine | Naomi Scott

The English actress, Naomi Scott who is more famous for her character of Kimberly Hart aka Pink Power Ranger in 2017 Power Rangers film will be officially playing the role of beautiful princess, Jasmine. Wow.

I could already see her as Jasmine.

The face, eyes, smile and attitude! Naomi Scott has everything she could ever need to play any Disney princess, and we're glad that it's Jasmine.

I mean, look at that beauty!

Woah, people are already falling in love with the thought of seeing her as Jasmine. But hey, wait, do you know who'll be playing the iconic and hilarious as hell role of Genie in the film?

Well, it's one and the only one "THE WILL SMITH"

Tell me, tell me, tell me, I ain't dreaming. Omg! Can this cast get any better than this? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will be our Genie in live action remake of Aladdin.

Hey, Mena and Naomi? Have you ever had a friend like Will in your life?

Well if not, then we hope that you're soon going to have a good friend both on and off the screen.

Guy Ritchie was previously announced as the director of the film.

John August, who has been credited for his work in the Big Fish has written the script for "Aladdin". Coincidentally, Dan Lin, who produced two "Sherlock Holmes" films for Ritchie and Warner Bros. will be drawing up this film through his Lin Pictures company, reports Variety.

The original animated film was created from Arabic folk tale.

And most of the people don't know that Aladdin is the box-office highest earning film in the year 1992 and won two Oscars for Best Score and Best Song for "A Whole New World".

Now finally, when the cast is final.

Disney originally planned to begin shooting for Aladdin in July this year but had to push back the schedules because of casting issues, reports E Online.