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Can You Match These Famous Evil Quotes To The Movie Villains?

Villains are the people who can quickly catch the attention of anyone with their actions. They are the ones who can easily influence our minds. But how do they do it? It is because most villains have the power to talk with their acting. Heroes are predictable most of the times, but villains, on the other hand, are brutal, and it is tough to judge their next move. No matter how dangerous they are, I have loved them, and sometimes even thought of becoming like them. Villains have another excellent quality that is they can strike fear into any hero's heart with just one line. They can stop the time with the evil line that sums up their character.Many people in this world love villains more than heroes. So, if you are one of those, then we have a very interesting quiz in line for you. Take the below quiz and try to answer the name of villains who spoke these quotes.