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Mom Delivers Twins For The Second Time; Look At The Nurses' Reaction

Three years after Erica and Weston were blessed with a daughter, the Californian couple was elated to find out that this time they were having twins that too, one girl and one boy.The happy family of five came across something incredible after four years -- something that does not happen very often. Erica was pregnant again -- with twins.You heard it right, for the second time in less than five years, the second pair of twins was on the way for the couple. However, this time, they didn't want to know the gender of the babies until they were born.Let's move back to the year when this all happened -- November 2014. Erica and Weston headed off to the hospital where the doctors had to break the mother's water as she was full-term at 38 weeks. But since the couple knew about the twins beforehand, they decided to do something to make the birth memorable.

Erica and Weston decided to document the precious moments.

Like a proud husband and father, Weston filmed the entire process of delivery. Making the big day memorable, he documented everything -- from the drive to the hospital to the magical moment of delivery. 

Weston captioned the video as:

‘It's TWINS AGAIN. This morning Erica had her water broken because she is full-term at 38 weeks and a few days.’

The nurses were also excited to find out the gender.

Expecting that it would be wonderful if the parents are blessed with one boy and one girl again.

Once both the babies came out...

Everyone started cheering.

The twins were both boys!

Weston said that this was his favorite moment when the nurses broke into a chorus of cheers.

Weston described that the labor was very quick.

Since it took only three hours from water breakage to newborns.

The video was uploaded on November 29, 2014.

It was posted by the YouTube channel Twins TWICE and has been viewed over 70,000 times. 

Congrats on twice twins Erica and Weston!

The family looks wonderful together.Story and Image Source

Have a look at the lovely video which was uploaded by Weston in May 2017.

Where the family is off to Disney Aulani.Although, this was a different approach to document the whole delivery process which has made it unforgettable even for us, there have been instances of twice twins in the past also. Let's learn more about them.

Meet Donna, 43, and David Cordingley, 49.

The couple who had two sets of twins within 12 months. The Barnsley based couple already had three children(Thomas, William and Hannah) before the surprise appearance of two twins had come into their lives.

Donna describes that the delivery was unexpected.

Pictured: James and Olivia (left) with George and Isabella (right).And said, "Shortly before my 38th birthday, I had a lot of stomach pain and, thinking it might be gallstones, my GP sent me for an ultrasound scan.I'd been taking the Pill and still fitted into my size eight clothes, so I was aghast when the sonographer told me I was five months pregnant with twins."

Both the announcements of pregnancy bearing twins came as a shock to the couple.

Donna shares her husband's reaction when she revealed about her being pregnant again after becoming a mother of five, "I didn't know how to break the news, so I handed the scan picture to David. 'Whose are they?' he asked. 'They're ours!' I said, watching his mouth fall open."They held each other, muttering how they would manage but not for long since James and Olivia were howling to be fed. However, George and Isabella were born seven weeks premature weighing just over 3lb.There's one more couple on the list...

Stacey Wright and ex-partner Peter Podolski.

They had two sets of twins born 17 months apart.

They were already parents to a boy and a girl.

But when the twin boys became nine months old, Stacey discovered that she was pregnant again in 2011, that too, with another set of non-identical twins.