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These 20 Disturbing Art Illustrations Show How Effed Up Our Society Really Is

A great quote by Jacob Nordby: “Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, artists, mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”A perfect thing indeed. I wonder how some things or phenomenon that are implausible for all of the human beings in the society, often serve as a good catch for the artists. While you may never hear their words, their actions, portraits speak vociferously to the audience, and that's why we all love them. Their work speaks more than a thousand words that have ever been echoed by a speaker on a podium.I've found some really amazing arts by a few painters and artists that'll surely leave you spellbound, and you know why? Because these are not something new, you'll come across today rather the harsh reality of life and the society we live in and face every day. It's riveting how these artists catch up the splash in the material and present us in a whole new frame just like the old wine in a new glass. Let's take a tour of these immensely impressive art illustrations by the artists.

Factory Error?

Rebellion is not what most people think it is; rebellion is when you turn off the TV and start educating yourself and thinking for yourself. The picture above clearly illustrates how in the world full of fashion divas, if there's one human who takes a step forward to educate oneself, they're regarded as some defective material, labelled to as 'Factory Error'.

Drug Abuse.

Drug abuse, one of the most common phenomenon in our society. It is directly linked to escaping pain and usually rooted in childhood trauma.

It's all about business!

You know, doctors work for money. Though not all, at least some do.

Athletes or advertising boards?

The modern athletes are turned into advertisement hoardings nowadays. Brands that pursue them are more in number than the runs they score in a sport or the victories they get.

Endless cycle of S#!T

An endless cycle that we keep following, the shit that we keep eating. Would it stop?

Study hard & beg?

Go to school, study hard, take a degree and then what? I tell you what - beg! My words may be harsh enough to bite you right in your arse, but not everyone can be forced to study because not everyone is an outcome from the same mould.

Feed me more!

Yes, my ego says when people will like my appearance on the social media; I'll like theirs too! That's how the chain goes on.

Man has a new master!

Because man has allowed other systems to become his master.

Apathy towards homeless.

Our apathy towards homeless people has allowed the other people to neglect their presence absolutely.

Win or lose?

No matter there's a term win or lose, the leaders are always gonna win whether it be anybody. People lose always, may it be any case. Remember!

Shape your own mind or...

If you don't shape your mind, people will do it. Being a hypocrite is totally your choice, giving a direction to your thoughts is totally your decision. Would you let just any crap chose it for you?

The Zombie Apocalypse!

The day we'll turn into walking deads is not too far. The difference in today and tomorrow being our smartphones will still be alive & we? We being its slave.

Who'd been beaten, criminal or victim?

When exposing a crime means committing a crime, the stage arrives when you're ruled and dominated by the criminals themselves.

The abundance of greed!

There is a shortage of water but not to an extent where people have an abundance of greed and absence of apathy towards the lower strata of the society.

Change the world or it will change you!

Our children and even us were born to change the world. But then, suddenly after coming into this world, we were brainwashed & followed the crowd.

Temporary solutions?

Stop looking for temporary solutions and quick fixes to your problems. You only have so many opportunities to escape your circumstances in life

Stuck in the bubble!

Stuck in their own little bubble, we're busy corporate humans not susceptible to change.

Ignorance or freedom?

What the modern society thinks freedom is? Well, not having to move an inch. Is it that ignorant or is that really a true freedom?

Born Innocent but then polluted!

It was not a child who was born with a tag of a particular race or religion. It was someone's advice that made him so later. It destroyed him eventually.

Lower is targetted!

Preaching peace, when the dominating decision class benefit from war, eventually makes you an objective or a target.While we keep fixating ourselves, art has given us the satirical comments that our society already knows and keep following still. Hope you've liked these as much I do. Let me know your views in the comment section below.That's all!Subscribe