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Gay Couple Celebrates Their Love By Recreating Their Pride March Photos 24 Years Later

Besides the prying eyes and unsolicited remarks passed their way, LGBT couples have to face a plethora of other problems that we can’t even to begin to pen down here. People often fail to understand that other than their sexual preferences/orientation, there is nothing different about the LGBT couples.Sick things have been said about LGBT people and for various unreasonable and unjustified reasons, they have been ostracized and shoved with strong negative reactions. One of the most illogical things that have been said about them is “it’s just a phase”! Reeking of idiocy and insensitiveness, not to mention a lack of knowledge, this comment has not an iota of truth in it and a gay couple from Tampa, Florida, have proved it by celebrating their 25 years of togetherness through a picture they recreated and shared on social media recently.

This gay couple has sent the adorable meters shooting... 

Having first met in 1992 in an LGBT friendly church, Nicholas Cardello (Nick) and Kurt English have shown the world that being gay is not just a phase. They have been going strong for 25 years and are giving us major relationship goals with their romantic photographs without shying away from a little PDA.

Their recreated photo has amassed innumerable likes and shares.

Cardello, 54, recreated a picture from 1993 in the same pose and exact same spot and shared on the social media to celebrate their love and togetherness. The original picture was taken in an Equality March in 1993 in Washington, D.C., where Cardello can be seen kissing his husband English, who is now 52. 

The response was overwhelming.

Cardello wasn’t expecting such an immensely positive flood of responses. “We were deeply touched by people's personal stories and comments from around the world about the challenges that they experience in their personal lives and in their particular cultures,” he told the ABC.

The couple committed to each other in 1992.

The kissing photo of the couple captioned, “It’s just a phase” - racked up 800 thousand likes and shares, besides brimming with positive comments, in a matter of just three days!

They legally married in 2008.

Before the couple reached their 25th Anniversary, they made sure to get themselves legally registered.

The adorable duo recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The picture didn’t take much time to amass thousands of likes and shares following which the couple became an overnight sensation and an obsession with the netizens.

The comments have been really intriguing.

“What’s interesting to see from the photos that have gone viral is the comments from the youth,” explained Cardello.

Here are some beautiful comments on their re-tweeted picture....

The Twitteratis just didn't stop and there was a major reason behind it.

If you didn't know...

...the recreated image was shot at the same place at the Equality March for Unity & Pride in the same place on June 11 this year.

The attractive element

All the fame received can be credited to the long term relationship the couple has led, despite the prevalent LGBT taboo. 

Relationship goals

Not only that, the loyalty these two have shown to each other proved to become relationship goals for others. 

An open platform to express

The couple not only celebrated but gave people the courage to come out and speak about their philosophies and show support for the same.