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Muslim Gay Couple Tied The Knot In Britain's First Ever Same-Sex Marriage 

There was a time when people bullied and abused individuals and groups who belonged to LGBT community. Such practices were more prevalent in the world a decade ago, when people used to treat these guys poorly.As the world has become more connected, and the information is flowing millions of miles in just a few seconds, it seems that those cases of bullying and abusing a community based on their lifestyle choices have changed. Different people get treated differently at different places and today, we witness that some parts of the world have grown more accepting and respectful towards LGBT community people.LGBT people are now coming out wearing their pride boldly, without the fear of being judged or abused by the society, at least in some parts of the world. The most recent, one of a kind, first ever same-sex marriage of a Muslim gay couple in Britain is evidence of it.This marriage is not a story about the same-sex wedding, but a learning experience for the conservative and narrow-minded people around the world.As the 24-year-old, Jahed Choudhary, who once considered suicide as an option to end all his struggles and miseries of being a gay, is alive and happily married to a man, Sean Rogan, 19, who had spotted him crying in Darlaston, West Midlands, England.

After meeting on a bench in a park, they soon became a couple.

The 19-year-old, Mr Sean Rogan initiated the conversation, and soon became a couple with Jahed in a society which rejected their 'birthright-to-happiness' in the name of customs.In June 2017, Jahed proposed Sean on his birthday, as both of them carried a dream in their heart; they wanted to show the world that you can be a gay and Muslim, reports Independent.

Following which, they married each other.

In Britain's one of the first same-sex gay couple wedding ceremony, the couple tied the knot wearing traditional Bangladeshi clothes. However, Jahed and Sean have been threatened to death as there are still people who resist a positive change in the society, say reports.

In an interview with the media, the couple released a compelling statement.

The couple says, "We want to say to all people going through the same thing that it's okay, we're going to show the whole world that you can be gay and Muslim."

Overcoming a taboo.

In some religions, marrying or loving the same-gender person is considered as a sin. It's still a taboo, but Mr Choudhary rejected to believe in the norms which are created by the society in the name of God. Today, the couple have become the first openly gay Muslim men to get married in the UK officially.

In an interview with Express and Star, Jahed shares:

Growing up in a religious Muslim family with three siblings made him the 'black sheep' of the family. It comes out that Jahed is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which disables him from the confidence of facing the people alone and working.It is a significant and brave step which these two individuals have taken towards bringing LGBT and Muslim community marriages together.

The couple arrived at the registry office in a luxurious Rolls Royce.

Sean shares wearing the tradition Bangladeshi costume was Jahed's idea to show love and respect towards some family and friends who supported him in making all of these possible.

Jahed shares that:

Sean has plans to convert into a Muslim, but we're struggling to find a mosque. The newly wed couple also shared that they're being threatened to be killed if anyone of them tried to enter the Mosque.

Jahed shares the story behind the discovery of his sexual orientation:

"I stood out like a sore thumb. I never liked football; I preferred watching fashion shows on TV. I remember feeling trapped, shares Jahed.He adds further, "It went all over school, people would spit on me, empty the rubbish bins on me, call me a pig and the Muslim people would shout 'haram' - which is a very nasty insult in my language."  

The situation only worsened:

According to the reports from Telegraph, the situation only got worse for Jahed, as he was attacked by fellow Muslims on the road where he lived, and the word "fag" was sprinkled on his front gate.

The Mosque and gay.

The Mosque he has been attending for almost 15 years, banned him from doing the prayers. Boys attacked him, feeling rejected and neglected, Jahed then attempted suicide to kill himself.

Witness the revolutionary moment not only for Britain, but Muslim and LGBT community as well.

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