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Captivating Photos Of Breastfeeding Women. A Beautiful Step Towards Women Empowerment

"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth" - Pamela K. Wiggins. If giving birth and spending sleepless nights were any less of a challenge for a new mum, feeding their little one/s is a feat altogether. And I am not talking about feeding the baby in the comfort of your home; I am trying to draw everyone's attention to breastfeeding in public places. Women have often been obnoxiously looked upon with disgust and shoved with filthy comments if they are found sorting out their little one's hunger pangs (in public) in the most natural and healthy way possible.  Why is that a woman's breasts are treated as nothing more than an ornament or seen as a trigger towards attracting the opposite gender? Despite the endless debates on breastfeeding in public, the stigma around the subject doesn't seem to fade, and it is for this very reason that a mother of two utilised her photography talent to empower women about breastfeeding, but in the most beautiful way.

An effort towards empowering women about breastfeeding. 

Mother to two beautiful kids, Sarah Murnane, used her camera-handling prowess to capture some striking images of women breastfeeding their babies, as a part of The Australian Breastfeeding Project. The project aims to support the idea of breastfeeding in public and "erase the negative stigmas" surrounding it. The captivating photographs have been shot in picturesque locations against breathtakingly gorgeous backdrops and are a treat to the eyes. 


Sarah began this initiative when she didn't receive much support after having her first baby and realised that the breastfeeding rates are quite low. 


"The main thing I wanted to show at the beginning was a togetherness, a sister hood," mentions Sarah. 


"I want women to feed their babies anywhere they are without being scared of hurtful or negative comments," she said.


The gifted photographer yearns for a world where women are not looked at with scorn while they bare their breast to feed their babies. 


She adds, "I want women to feed their babies anywhere they are without being scared of hurtful or negative comments. I want to empower breastfeeding mothers and the next time they sit down to feed their baby where ever they may be they know that the have the support of thousands."


"I think we don't have enough people that are passionate about breastfeeding," she says.Through these powerful images, she aims to wipe out the negative views that surround breastfeeding. 


Through these powerful images, Sarah aims to wipe out the negative views that surround breastfeeding.


Sarah wrote on her Facebook page, "I want mothers everywhere to feel comfortable when nourishing their child."


Shot against some breathtaking scenic spots including Seaford Valley in Victoria, Barossa Valley, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Milaa Milaa Falls in Queensland, these photographs are simply surreal and reflect unadulterated beauty in an exquisite manner. 


She encourages women to not feel ashamed when breastfeeding their little ones and wants them to celebrate their journey and motherhood. 


Sarah didn't pick or choose the women for her photo series and instead set up an event where interested mothers would purchase the ticket and show their eagerness to be a part of the initiative. 


The project let her the most stunning places in Australia, all thanks to the project. 


In the words of this Victorian photographer, "I want to live in a world where women and men alike encourage mothers to feed their babies, whenever and wherever they see fit, without a second thought."