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Photos From Flood In Japan That Will Make You Cringe

Emergency management is a demanding job. It requires experience and expertise, both. Also, it is teamwork, because the affected ones are very vulnerable to be handled by just two hands! With this, here are some photographs of the aftermath of the flood due to torrential rains in Kyushu Island of Japan. It is the third biggest island of the country and has been lately affected by unprecedented rains.According to meteorological agencies, there was a record rainfall of 20 inches in 12 hours, which has led to such havoc. The snaps here will make you realise the gravity of the situation and the strong yet divine efforts of the rescue teams. They are bravehearts who risk their lives to save others'. *Salute to them*

The freak flood was caused due to heavy rainfall.

As a result, there were landslides in the area, causing wreckage in hundreds of homes, roads and also rice terraces, leading to loss of life and property.

There are rescuers who are still searching for the missing ones.

But, there is still a warning of rainfall in the area. So, it is better to be prepared than be sorry.

Just look at the water that is dripping down.

Heavy rains are lashing Kyushu since last Wednesday.

The thick mud, that has been accumulated due to mudslides is making rescue even tougher.

It is the rescue team that plays angelic to the stranded survivors. Hats off to them and their spirits!

Yes, it is a vast operation to bring back life to normal after this ruin.

From military to police to firefighters to coast guards, everyone is performing their duty and doing a commendable job.

This is a large-scale operation and it is the tough training to the personnel that helps in such times.

There are hundreds who have been cut-off by the landslides. The hardest hit areas are Fukuoka and neighbouring Oita.

A resident's reaction when he sees the damaged site due to the flood.

Not only the house but even the roads are damaged in Asakura, Fukuoka.

Gosh, it's devastation at a huge scale!

This aerial view shows the immense destructive power that nature possesses!

Under the rescue operation, one from Japanese Self-Defence Forces, winching an old man.

This shows that care does not necessarily start in the emergency room only!

Those heights, they may freak someone out!

There is nothing more important than saving a life at hand, and it is a job of pride.

From life to property, there has been immense that has been deeply affected.

Keeping calm in and after an emergency is one of the main criteria for the success of any rescue operation.

The sight of those dilapidated houses...

Hands joined in prayers for the ones affected and also for the ones at the rescue.

Teamwork can make it all!

It has the power to move mountains.

An elderly is taken care of by the police, 

After being rescued by a military helicopter. 

Dog, being transported by the rescuers for safety.

Every life is important.

Vehicles are deep in mud, after the heavy mudslides.

A lot is still to be done to bring life back on track. 

It is not easy to bear the sight of the damaged surroundings.

When we see this man walking through the plundered area, we can feel the pain that he is going through.

The houses have literally drowned in water.

Totally submerged!

Oh Lord! A lot has been swept away.

The flood water has made its way through, destroying immense in its path.

A damaged bridge that is nearly broken by the forces of nature.

The rivers are bursting their banks due to the heavy rainfall.We pray that Japan recovers from this loss soon, anticipating for a speedy rehab!Subscribe