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15 Visible Cheating Signs That Your Partner Tries To Hide

Heartbreaks are the worst, really! You start dating this person, fall in love, and your entire life and everything else starts revolving around them. All your decisions, do's and don'ts now have their say in them. You wake up to their call or text, and you sleep to it too. You plan your days according to them, note what they like and what they don't, prefer spending most of your weekends together and doing things that you both like together. But what happens when one of the two people in a relationship stop giving their hundred percent? What happens when your relationship graph starts going downwards, and your better half doesn't care?There are times when we feel that our partner is unfaithful but how do we become sure of it? What are the signs to look out for? What to follow and what not?I'm here to your rescue, below mentioned are 15 signs that you must notice to figure out whether your partner is cheating on you!(Images are for illustration purpose only)

1. Suspicious mobile phone activities 

You notice suspicious computer or cell phone activities of your partner. Secret text messages, calls or even emails. A lot of people out there caught because of these resources!

2. They're anxious around you

They appear anxious when they're around or with you, especially when they are alone. Also, they try to leave as soon as possible. They might say that they're just tired but you don't feel convinced. Cheating drains their physical and emotional energy! They spend too much time contemplating how to cover their tracks. 

3. New hang out friend

They hang around with their new best friend of the opposite sex a hell lot, even more than they spend time with you.

4. Blame game

They start being extremely critical of you and try to turn tables by blaming you for things that you didn't even do! This is their defense mechanism trying to make them feel better about themselves. 

5. Don't talk anymore 

They stop sharing their deep thoughts and feelings with you as they did earlier. Probably because they're sharing them with someone else?

6. Cancels last minute plans

They have started canceling plans last minute, or even if they show up, they are in a rush to leave and come up with hundred reasons to leave as soon as possible. Still wondering, why?

7. The intimacy is gone

They stop making special plans with you or try doing things that you guys previously did together. You don't spend any quality time together anymore, and they don't seem to have a problem with it. 

8. Trust your instinct

If you feel there is something fishy, the chances are that there really is something fishy. Always trust your instincts and act according to them. 

9. Spending more time with others

They suddenly want you to spend time with other people without them, in the hope of doing the same and answering less questions. 

10. They give you a reason to doubt them 

If they have cheated on you before, chances are they'll do it again. Beware while trusting them blindly! We've given you a heads up. 

11. Friends that you don't know exist

They suddenly have 'new friends' you never knew existed in the first place. All their plans are now with them and you're usually not invited!

12. Vague explainations 

Do not buy it if they cannot give you a satisfactory reason as to why they had to ditch you on your date night or showed up an hour late at your birthday dinner! Don't doubt them always but if it's happening again and again, become cautious.   

13. Indifference

There's this wave of sudden indifference between you too and they don't seem to care to resolve it. They will keep talking about wanting to end things or say it's not working out anymore!

14. Never-ending comparisons

Are they comparing you with other people who earn more, look more better, or have a an attractive personality? The trouble has begun my friend. 

15. Conflicts

The phrase "whatever". When they start using this to end your arguments instead of finding an appropriate solution, and you think it feels as if they don't care about your relationship anymore, start looking out for yourself!Were these helpful? Write back to me on drishti@wittyfeed.com. That's all, mates. Stay tuned!