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These Funny Pregnancy Announcements Will Lift Your Mood Instantly 

Pregnancy is a big phase of change for women. It is a transitional phase wherein she experiences many changes - physical, emotional, mental and psychological.Although pregnancy is full of mood swings and struggles, there is no denying that parents wait for the little one with bated breath. The happiness of the first ultrasound, the happiness of the confirmation, the happiness of the care and pampering, it is all a blessing. For most women, it is an elated feeling. And one of the best parts of pregnancy is its announcement. So, why not do that in style?These days, with the advent of creative photography, there are beautiful, funny announcements that in no time will bring a smile on your face. Here, we bring you some of the crazy, funny yet innovative pregnancy announcements.  Have a look.       

When the sacrifice starts...

Yeah, the unwanted sale of the once prized possessions...

The fear on the face of the expectant father and the natural hogging of the expectant mother...

So honest! 

This is hilariously honest...

Yes, it takes time for the elation to sink in.  

Now, this is dramatic.... 

The house is going to be a battlefield, now! 

Hahaha! Now, this is an announcement with a proof.

Congratulations, folks! 

Gosh! That's a perfectly honest equation! 

Can't stop laughing! Best of all, I must say.

Like, literally? 

Only for nine months, though! *Tongue-in-cheek*

Awwww! It couldn't be cuter!

Totally smitten with this one, true AF!

Now, this is a perfect dig at the fun side of expecting!

In love with smiles on their faces. 

LOL! That is actually funny.

#BestFriendGoals set!

When there is an eviction notice for the elder sibling!

Huh! Can anything be more hurtful than this for the innocent little one?

Phew! When your life is like a movie in front of you...

It is horrifying and funny, too!

That's a fun announcement from the scary guards... No one can dare to trespass them.

Woah, who can be better guards than these lovely dogs? 

That happiness on their faces, unmatchable.

Yes, a kid is a bundle of joy, even before it is born! 

When the unborn already has a little caretaker! 

For all the needs and wants. 

How about a magazine cover designed for your announcement?

Yes, your family is no less than a pack of models, ready to rule the fashion runway. 

When Starbucks gives you a chance to announce your pregnancy...

Ain't that cute?

Even she is elated and proud of the promotion! 

Well, who doesn't like that?But, the innocent soul that she is now, is unable to figure out that attention will be divided from Januray 2015! 

Now, she is feeding herself for two, not one!

Huh, there's food for all the cravings!

A real knock up!

What's better than this?

What's baking?

Yes, a bundle of joy for afraid AF parents!

Pumping the air in the belly! 

A gift from the creatively happy couple. 

Tough competition, now?

Or rather someone is coming soon to take this happiness away, thanks to all the crying and the nagging and wire pulling! 

A bump that will change their lives for ever!

Happy to ride on that bump...

No punishments for a wrong guess!

I think the second from left, or is it a pot belly? *Tongue-out* 

A dark announcement of a good news...

Horrifyingly cute, isn't it?

When a photographer family is expecting...

The new one will be equipped with a camera, much in advance! 

Ohhhh! I can feel the pain of the control...

This is what is called 'cute envy'! While drafting this piece, I was all smiles. I hope you smiled, too! Do make your expecting buddies read this, give them these amusing takes and see their reactions, they will surely love you for it!  Enjoy, expectantly!