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Model Who Was Bullied For Her Skin Colour Is Now Called A Barbie Doll 

Twitter users were left nonplused when a model showcased her doll-like features on the platform, prompting a few to wonder whether she is actually real.At first, you too would be forgiven for thinking Nyadak (Duckie) Thot as a live Barbie doll. The South Sudanese-Australian model rose to fame on Australia's Next Top Model (2013) as a frontrunner when she was 17. But now, not only Twitter but Instagram too has heaped praises over her silky hair and smooth skin.  Though a social media star now, Duckie recalled being called a ‘cauliflower head’ by Winnie Harlow, the former US Top Model contestant. “I took quite a few blows as a 17-year old girl - and it was hard to understand why," Nyadak told in an emotional interview with Teen Vogue in 2016. Let's know more about her struggle and how she faced it.  

Duckie shared this mesmerising photo of herself on Twitter.

Twitter users admitted that they initially thought the model was a doll.

She has now been titled as 'Barbie' by her fans.

But with this poise, you can't blame anyone. Duckie is not just a charming personality but her heartwarming smile has won several hearts.

And the model has happily accepted the 'Barbie' tag.

While the model has been blessed with a gorgeous face, her make-up gives her an appearance of a Barbie doll. 

A few years back, Duckie disappeared from the spotlight, because of cruel comments she faced. 

She felt so distraught with the experience that she decided to stay away from the industry. 

Now, when she's back, she has opened up about the painful experiences she underwent.

The front runner was also humiliated during 2013 season of Australia’s Next Top Model show regarding which she said, “I was extremely upset and embarrassed that they ‘didn’t know how’ to cornrow my natural hair when at the end of the day that’s their job. I sat in front of the mirror silently crying before my shoot doing my own hair, cameras rolling while all the other girls had hair stylists.” 

But today she has earned a prominent name in the international fashion industry.

The comments which she generally receives from people - "I won't believe she's real until I see her in person." "Are you even human?" 

She is a popular face on magazine covers and an in-demand model for runway shows.

Duckie has now finally accepted the new status of a gorgeous diva. 

Why not?

She willingly sent out a tweet implying that she wouldn't mind being the new Barbie. 

Even though she has received the Barbie tag, she remains grounded.

This trait in her can be traced from the way she captioned a picture - “I’m not perfect. Sometimes, a girl slips.”  

However, Duckie is not the only black beauty to face problems in the modelling industry.

From Naomi Campbell to Jourdan Dunn, these supermodels have had frustrating experiences. 

Duckie now lives in New York.

She has also spoken about the desire to give black women more representation through her work. Source.