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Here's How Trump Is The Best Political Joke In Today's World

It's been seven months since President Donald Trump moved into the White House, and the US president's 'so-much-in-love relationship' with controversy and trolls doesn't seem to end.Just when we force our mind to believe that these jokes around Trump will start to end soon, things begin to happen again and there we are, lost in the Trump trolls.Every day you open the newspaper, surf the internet, and there's news about him. With all his Majesty, to 'Make America Great Again', we see Trump in the headlines almost every day, but for all the wrong reasons.As most of the times it happens, that it's just us, who bring out the troll in his tweets, actions, and even official tours to make fun of him publically.We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of 10+ such incidences where Trump became a matter of political joke, in which the world enjoyed.Have a look!

#1 Recently, Iranians held a cartoon contest for mocking President Trump. 

Almost hundreds of cartoonists from around the world took part in this contest to mock President Donald Trump. From smartly satirical to cleverly brutal and rude, the participants showcased their inner thoughts about Trump through cartoons.

The winning entry in the contest.

The two cartoons from the winner artist, Hadi Asadi, depicted President Trump wearing a coat made up of American dollars with his hair as bills on fire while he dribbles on the pile of books. Hadi won the first prize of $1,500 for his efforts after which he said, "I wanted to show Trump trampling symbols of culture," reports Associated Press.

#2 This was projected on Trump's hotel, just a few blocks away from the White House.

The words 'Pay Trump bribes here' with an arrow towards the entrance were projected on May 15 onto a wall of Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington, reported Washington Post.

And it didn't just stop at the projection...

In case you think that the term 'bribe' was too vague, the unidentified people or group had also elaborated it later with an 'emoluments welcome' sign and a long paragraph. The term 'Emoluments Clause' is a provision of the US Constitution that prevents the high authorities and lawmakers from getting corrupted with gifts or cash from foreign leaders, reports WP.

#3 When Melania slammed Trump's hand in Israel.

The weird 'old-and-young' relationship between Trump and his wife, Melania, added another incidence on the list of Trump getting trolled, it happened when they were on their official visit to Israel. While walking on the red carpet, Trump raised his hand to hold Melania Trump, and the first lady of the US promptly slapped it away in front of the world media.

And that didn't stop at Israel. 

After their visit to Israel, the couple landed in Rome, and as you guess it, Trump was trolled again when he tried to extend his hand towards Melania, and she smartly avoided it. 

#4 The unintentional message of unity from Trump gets trolled by twitterattis.

On May 14th, after his commencement speech at Liberty University in Virginia, President Donald Trump 'mistakenly' tweeted the word 'We', and it soon became the sensational troll of the day.

Too late to delete the tweet.

Before Trump could realize that he has made a mistake and could delete that tweet, the entire world was already trolling him on Twitter. People created weird and hilarious sentences out of that tweet.

#5 When twitterattis were at their best.

As May was coming to an end, President Trump nonsensically tweeted the word 'Covfefe' in a tweet at the midnight hour.

And that tweet saw some quick reactions from worldwide, including Jimmy Kimmel.

Making fun of President Trump and his 'Covfefe tweet', Jimmy replied to the US president stating that it makes him sad that he will never write anything funnier than the word 'covfefe' in his life.

#6 John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen had trolled Trump in 2015.

Not many people are aware of the fact, but it's true. (Then) 'only a billionaire' Trump was trolled by John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen.

#7 Trump's naked statue with small genitals on Union Square.

On August 18, 2016, Trump was trolled as a presidential candidate when his nude statue with small genitals was placed at the Union Square, Manhattan.

#8 Trolls about Trump are getting dirtier.

As President Trump is getting trolled every day around the world, people have grown more comfortable with it and have started crossing their limits.

#9 When an artist from Wisconsin turned him into a doll.

Everytime someone trolls Trump; the moment makes us, "Oh wow, we never thought he could be trolled this way." The same words came out of people's mind when they saw this tiny doll created by a Wisconsin artist Chuck Williams.

All the mainstream media covered the news.

Not only this particular incidence, but most of the Trump trolls and memes continuously get covered by mainstream media around the world.

#10 Trump trolled by celebrities.

After all the memes, pictures, videos, rallies and everything; the most recent ways in which the world trolled Trump is through music videos.Like the great rapper, Snoop Dogg released this video song in which he fires a gun at Trump, whereas famous YouTubers like East India Comedy created a jingle to troll President Trump.

#11 At last, you can count all the Gifs on Trump.

The US President, Donald Trump, has been trolled on the internet like no world leader. It'd not be wrong to call him infamous President Trump of the USA.