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10 Ridiculous Comments Sick People Ever Made About The LGBTQ Folks

Ever wanted to stop and wonder how everything in life can be simplified down to things-to-do or not-to-do? The doing away with the biases and bigotry and adopting a policy of talk less, observe and listen more?It is easy to tell people how to live because most people see an extension of themselves everywhere and are thus, more comfortable changing their environment rather than adapting to it. It is surprising because humanity’s ascent up the food chain was mostly because of the adaptability aspect. And yet, here we are judging our fellow human beings for their sexual orientation, their gender, their very own take on life.The average person is fond of pre-sets. They like routine. Tell a man to give up his day job, find something unorthodox that he is passionate about, and he teeters in a dilemma; tell him what to do, and he bows to authority and conformity.

Archaic institutional beliefs, religious connotations and general hypocrisy and apathy have long reigned over our senses. How is it that we choose to function in a society where everyone run their household on their income, pays their taxes, buy their rations but want to have a say on what should qualify as love and what as taboo?

Pride and prejudice!

Televangelists have inspired this sort of ignorance in the masses by large. Presumptions and rumors and endless degenerative cliched jokes on the matter have further regressed the matter. Not to mention the obsolete laws objecting such rights. Let’s take a good look at ten ridiculous excuses you’ll hear from the prejudiced about LGBTQ folks; is it that difficult to empathize with fellow beings who have some dissimilar tastes?

1. “It is not legal”.

The biggest surprise personally was probably to discover that it took my own country’s (India) judiciary system several years to convict violent sex offenders, while the law protecting the rights of the LGBTQ was repealed, rather than being amended or bolstered. The legal system is equally staunch about vilifying one’s orientation for being openly a member of the LGBTQ community, in some Middle-Eastern and South-East Asian countries.

2. “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”.

3. “It’s Unhygienic”.

Maybe it’s better for some people to crawl back inside their ignorant bubble if they think the LGBTQ community is synonymous with lack of hygiene and propagation of STD’s. Safe-sex is as much concern for the LGBTQ community as it is for any cis-gender individual.

4. “It’s just a disease/ mental problem”.

Nobody wants to dig into the reasons that have distorted the cognitive as well as behavioral functions of some select people who are anti-LGBTQ. But to deem that someone chooses to become a part of the LGBTQ community the same way a disease is carried or the same way a person attains an order like schizophrenia and suicidal depression is farcical and backward. However, this is quite a simple dialogue to throw around, among the yester-generation.

5. “It’s just a phase/fad”.

Sexual orientation cannot be a phase. The only reason an individual you know may NOW identify themselves as a member of the LGBTQ community is probably because they feared being ostracized all their life. Otherwise, to be the gender that suits one or to live loving someone of your gender is as natural to a person as is growing up to love someone from the opposite sex, for someone who is straight.

6. “Synonymous with effeminacy/tomboy-ishness”.

Being effeminate has little to do with one’s orientation, as much is tomboyishness. The paradigm on which our society has built a flawed direction and relationship-based model only seek to address that which is common. Anything outside our own experience is something we look down upon without evidence. Such assumptions are noxious.

7. “LGBTQ folks hang in their own groups”.

This is as much a product of the social evils imposed on the LGBTQ community. No one wants to hang out in groups segregated by the criteria of sexual orientation. Just like no cis-gendered person would like to be excluded from their haunts for loving someone of a different religion or region, it would be equally baseless to disallow socializing with the LGBTQ community.

8. “It’s not accepted by society”.

9. “It’s a genetic disorder”.

Amusing how bigots can’t seem to make up their mind about whether this aspect rose in a person upon birth or due to exposure to contaminants. If you think it’s scientific to prattle on about how the chromosomal blueprint of a person decides whether they are gay or not, then you need to get your ducks in a row. Your biases are contradicting and collapsing on each other.

10. “They might convert me”.

Bigots worry twice before mingling with an LGBTQ person because they believe the attribute is transferred by proximity to someone of the persuasion mentioned above. Proximity to an LGBTQ makes you as much an LGBTQ from an erstwhile cis-gender, as much as standing next to a wrestler makes you a fighter as well!Source