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16 Common Phrases People Use During An Interview And Intercourse

This story isn't merely about posters, but the instances that could happen to anyone, anywhere. There are a lot of things which we say intentionally/unintentionally, and then later we realise OMG, did I just say that? Don't worry, 'S#it happens'. We, humans, have the tendency of 'blowing it off' at the most crucial times.Like, we all have been to either an interview or intercourse and if you've experienced both, then trust me, the only person to relate to these graphics (after you) will be a dirty mind.Interview and intercourse, both are entirely different part of our lives, like North and South pole of the magnet, and most of the time the only similarity we could see in both of them is; "They both give us a job" (if you know what I mean).We at WittyFeed have compiled not just one, two or three, but 16 common phrases that people use during an interview and intercourse.Warning: These 'strikingly-dirty' similarities may make your jaw drop on the floor, keep someone handy to pick it for you.Have a look!

Similarity #1: When you walk in for the interview and ask... 

You see a lady at reception who welcomes you.

Similarity #2: It strikes when you ask for a vacant space.

Similarity #3: You convince her! Oops, I mean you convince, HR.

Similarity #4: When you flaunt your specialties.

Similarity #5: And this, when you promise to do your best if she agrees to give you a job.

Similarity #6: Well, this may come from a person who's only interested in the internship.

Similarity #7: And this, from a person who expects a little more in the job.

Similarity #8: There are a few people, who always like to work under.

Similarity #9: Not everyone can perform better in a team, did you know that?

Similarity #10: This one from a smart person, they know what they deserve.

Similarity #11: Ha ha... now, this is your chance to tag a person who 'comes' early.

Similarity #12: Or tag the one who always 'comes' on the exact time.

Similarity #13: You won't believe this, but some people indeed ask this question. 

Similarity #14: Don't forget to tag that one friend of yours, who is inexperienced.

Similarity #15: The cheesy kind of people who don't leave until they get the 'job' done.