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Pregnant Serena Williams Beats Maria Sharapova As She Posts Her Topless Photo

A pregnant Serena Williams, a dope-ban serving Maria Sharapova and a news of Serena beating Maria coming with another news of her posting a few steamy topless pics. Hard to swallow, right?But trust me, Maria already is 2-19 behind Serena when it comes to their head-to-head clashes and time and again Sharapova has made it sure to take the runner up's trophy home somehow. So this time, it came to me as no surprise when Sharapova again fall short against the most dominant player in the history of Lawn Tennis' open era.So what exactly happened? Did they play a match with Serena being Serena 'Pregnant' Williams and Sharapova being a motivation-seeker? The chances of the mention appear to be very low, and hence I invite you to read further and uncover the covered.

Serena has been out of play since long!

Yes, and who better than the Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian will know about this? After all, it is because of him (lol!) that the Goddess of Lawn Tennis has been unable to take part in French Open 2017 which could have witnessed her winning the record-setting 24th career Grand Slam. 

The good news...

Back in January 2017, Serena gave Alexis the surprise of his life when she handed him a paper bag containing six positive pregnancy tests. Alexis' company Reddit's 234 million unique monthly visitors must not have given him the happiness that this news gave him.This brings me to tell you something really very personal about the couple...

Serena and Alexis' love story.

It was not until 2015 that the business tycoon had ever seen Serena playing or for that matter a LIVE Lawn Tennis match. Yes, it happened in the Italian Open when Alexis, the 6'5'' tall dude was an onlooker. They actually met for the first time on May 12, 2015, at Cavalieri Hotel in Rome where they spent a kinda hilarious evening together. In April 2016, Serena wishes him a happy birthday on the 24th day of the month and she being an inspiration to the geek that he is, this further got them closer. Finally, long story short, Alexis decided to waste no more of the love time and proposed his queen on 10th of December 2016.

Serena's Insta post that went super viral:

Serena Williams discovered about her pregnant status just a week before Australian Open 2017 and went on to win all the matches in the tournament. She then 'accidentally' gifted her fans with this post of hers that proved that she was pregnant and also made it clear that she won't be participating in the next two Grand Slams of the year that also lists Wimbledon 2017.So, what is the buzz around her latest pictures? Let's find out!

Before that, I give you Caroline Wozniacki

Yes, the Tennis ace and a very good friend of Serena Williams who does not shy away from participating in Marathons, taking out time from her extremely busy practising schedules has bared it all. The ESPN Body Issue got successful in making her speak about injuries and workouts while also having her drop those clothes.

Serena Williams' photo shoot

In her latest Photo Shoot for Vanity Fair, Serena showed a different side of her. She looked herculean even as she was seen carrying a six-month baby bump. Her photos got us perplexed as we don't know whether to ogle her body or to salute her.

'Pregnant Goddess' Serena

While she lies there, the Tennis players all around the world now know that they have roughly six months to prepare themselves to face the domination of Serena again.

Controversial photo shoot?

Yeah, people on Twitter were quick to pass their judgment on Serena's decision to go for a shoot while being six-month pregnant. But, we at WittyFeed are against showing any such thing to our readers that can waste their time.

But this one's a real controversy!

When John McEnroe, a retired American tennis vet said that Serena would be ranked 700th in the world if she was to play in Men's tournament, it was only obvious to see a huge controversy following him. This probably will sound even more awkward to you, but we're happy because this might just get us the chance to see a 'Battle of Sexes' in the near future.Knock-Knock! Yes, we were to talk about Sharapova's involvement in the story and here we are, disclosing it all!

Serena Williams beats Maria Sharapova

Yes, this actually happened. But least to your surprise, this did not happen on a tennis court. In fact, this happened on a social media handle. Still couldn't get it?

Yes, we're talking about Instagram but not about the number of followers!

If you compare, Serena has more than twice the number of followers that Maria has and this is nothing new for us to shout upon.There's something else we know that you might not have noticed yet.

Look closer to the details of Serena's Instagram data.

Got it? The smart ones did, and the smarter ones want me to tell them. So here you go...Serena Williams seems not to like staying Maria in any way, and this just got proved when consciously or unconsciously, Serena's Insta account surpassed Maria's Insta account and became the 1st one to put '1000' number on the board.When Maria is still seven posts behind Serena, it looks like she won't be able to catch up with the popularity and activity that Serena's Insta handle is pushing these days.

When will Serena and Sharapova be back on the court?

Applying a full stop on all the rumours, Sharapova had already confirmed that she was in no mood to apply for a wild card entry into Wimbledon 2017 due to her injury.Serena on the other hand, being six-month pregnant looks highly unlikely to even show up in the US Open 2017 that's scheduled to be from 28 Aug 2017 – 10 Sep 2017.This makes us face the harsh truth that the only time we can see these two competitors facing each other in a Grand Slam will be in Australian Open 2018 where Serena will be there to defend her title.

Until then, Serena is happy in Alexis' arms!

Alexis must be a strong & lucky man to get to lift a woman who has 85%+ winning percentage, winning 23 of her 29 Grand Slam finals and a lot of many achievements.