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Ever Wondered About Countries Having The Most Sexually Charged Women?

Although, America is the most influential country in the world which exemplify Marilyn Monroe & Brigitte Bardot as their ultimate sex icons; it still lags in the race of having the most sexually satisfied women.While most of you are very liberal in your thoughts regarding S.E.X., some are still struggling in the midst of their strait-laced society. Liberation of countries like America, from the political reforms whether the issues have been of gay marriages or sex workers, yet we've not encountered many changes in regards to sexual satisfaction! While ladies transparently discuss the lustful delights that drive the hormones of men, the biggest question waits on as men attempt to decode the measurements of carnal desires in ladies.If you belong to that crowd of men, who've always wondered about the sexual drive of women from different origins, you're on the right platform. We're here to take you on a tour to discover the nationalities that have got the most sexually charged women around the globe.

#1 Scandinavia tops the list 

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Scandinavian women have the most extravagant carnal drive in the world. Scandinavian countries are globally recognized for their amazing standards of living - healthcare, salaries, living conditions and career opportunities in the world. It is believed, more comfortable the life is, more the women feel powerful and sensual. Women deserve to have intimacy whenever they feel like.

#2 Switzerland

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Switzerland is consecutively rated as one of the most sexually satisfied nations around the globe. A 2013 study revealed that 21 percent of Swiss nationals rate their sexual performance and their sex lives as “excellent.”

#3 Spain

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Women’s intimacy drive increases based on their standards of living. Sexually charged Spain, with its striped beaches and high social acceptance of gay marriage has a recent study looking at 9,850 people in the country revealed that 90 percent of Spanish men and women were sexually satisfied. 

#4 Italy

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]With an abundance of good wine and good food, it’s no bizarre that Italians rate high on the carnal satisfaction scale. This year, 64 percent of Italian men and women rated their intimacies satisfying.

#5 Brazil

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Brazilians make it to the list as a carnaly satisfied nation. While the stats vary on just how often Brazilians are doing it - one report claims 82 percent of Brazilians have sex at least once a week.

#6 Greece

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]The reason Greeks are so sexually satisfied is that they are less uptight about discussing their sexual desires. As for the Greeks themselves, they say they’re 51 percent sexually satisfied.

#7 The Netherlands

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]64 percent of Dutch men and women are confident at asserting their needs and wants during sex and are more open about it in general.

#8 Mexico

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Mexico has been previously rated as one of the “horniest countries” in the world with 63% of the country claiming a fulfilling sex life. Why? Perhaps it’s their candidness with regard to sex education.

#9 India

[Pictures are just for topic illustration] Despite the fact that Indian women wait for the longest time to get intimate for the first time (the average age to lose one’s virginity is 22 years old), this land of 'Kamasutra' has consistently been rated among the top satisfied nations in recent years. The secret to Indians’ carnal bliss remains a bit mysterious.

#10 Australia

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Cosmo says 27% of Australian women “wouldn’t change a thing about their sex lives.” Aussie women are also quite likely to fantasize about having a threesome, with 20% listing this act as their favorite fantasy as opposed to only 4% of Americans.

#11 Nigeria

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]According to Durex, Nigeria is rated at number-one in the sexually satisfied nations in the world with 67% of its population claiming sexual gratification.

#12 Germany

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Despite Germany being marked as having the world’s “worst lovers” for being “too smelly” the country does rank highly as a sexually satisfied nation.

#13 China

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Are China's women sexually satisfied? Well, not exactly. But no list would be complete without throwing in a wild card. Besides, while this country is one of the most conservative and repressive societies in the world, behind closed doors its population is having a more happening intimate life.

#14 Belgium

[Pictures are just for topic illustration]Belgian women are more reserved and reluctant to admit to being highly sexually charged and while they are beautiful, they are bordering on being called boring.

These were the world's most sexually charged women ever, who've made their countries top this list. and unfortunately, America couldn't make it to this. So, I hope you've enjoyed reading the story. Do share, like, comment in the section below. Tuned into this space for more.That's all folks!Subscribe