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Disney Illustrator Shows Us What Life With A Pet Octopus Would Be Like

Disney is the Magic Kingdom for a reason. Every year it brings incredibly entertaining moments into our lives via its numerous theme parks, merchandise, and movies. Disney was an integral part of every child's growing up life and will continue to be exactly that for years to come. Obviously, the Magic Kingdom requires people working there that can create magic, and Disney illustrator, Brian Kesinger, has done exactly that. Kesinger is one of the leading story artists at the Walt Disney Animation Studios, which means that he's responsible for some of the on-screen creations we witness in Disney films. As if being an illustrator at one of the largest entertainment companies in the world wasn't enough, Kesinger also has some hobbies in his free time that continue to captivate audiences. He recently authored 'Walking Your Octopus', a fantastical story about day-to-day life with a pet octopus. As you can imagine, the results are incredible.What Would Life With An Octopus Be Like?It might not be a thought that's crossed your mind often, but Brian Kesinger's illustrations of daily life with a pet octopus perfectly demonstrate what it would be like to raise a pet octopus. The imagery is humorous while simultaneously adorable and has the internet raving about this cute little octopus as it grows from a wee baby to a behemoth.

#1 It Takes A Special Person To Adopt An Octopus

As you can see, the owner of said octopus is almost as interesting looking as the octopus itself! Clearly, Kesinger knew that it took a special kind of person to adopt an octopus and raise it.

#2 Life With An Octopus Has Its Perks

Whoever said having an octopus around the house wasn't handy? Maybe no one, but this octopus knows how to help its master out! Check out the next pic and you'll realize it's not all fun and games...

#3 It Also Has Its Downsides...

Having a pet octopus around the house can lead to some 'inky' situations! It'd be pretty hard to stay mad when you're looking at that cute expression, though.

#4 Having An Octopus Leads To All Kinds Of Adventures

As if having an octopus wasn't enough of an adventure, Kesinger created some illustrations where the duo have even more incredible adventures!

#5 Fun For All Four Seasons

This octopus clearly loves all the seasons, including the frigid winters. That's going to be one weird looking snow angel!

#6 The Ice Bucket Challenge... Octopus Style

This version of the infamous ice bucket challenge is no joke. As if one freezing bucket of ice water wasn't enough!

#7 Octopus On The Go

Life is busy without a pet octopus, and it's no different with one! At least this one can keep up with its master while riding a bicycle.

#8 The Master Of Multitasking

It goes without saying that an octopus can be an excellent multitasker, and this illustration shows that perfectly. Life with an octopus sure does seem pretty amazing, so what do you think - is it time to adopt a pet octopus?