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Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Now 'Warming Up' Passengers In A Major Airline

Plastic has always been termed perilous to the humans, animals, and the environment alike. Its inability to decompose naturally is a significant threat to our planet and it is for this very reason that many cities and even some concerned supermarket chains are eventually moving towards a plastic-free zone. However, plastic is still very much prevalent in many households for its affordability, portability, and durability (as compared to the fragile glass items), besides being light in weight. After serving the people for some time and solving its purpose of use, it is then dumped nonchalantly in landfills without giving a second thought about the agony it will cause to the environment – the same environment we live in.Some people are least bothered about the environmental hazards, but those who are seriously concerned here’s a piece of news that will bring some respite to the troubled souls.

Hail Emirates! 

Middle-eastern airline Emirates has given us a reason to be grateful to by introducing blankets made from 100% recycled plastic bottles in its flight.While many of you may be flaunting your creative skills of transforming plastic bottles into a plant pot or some decorative wall hanging, Emirates, in partnership with Buzz, a leading in-flight product specialist, did the unbelievable by recycling the plastic bottles and turning them into blankets.


This patented technology has been used to fashion this environment-friendly blanket.

That's some number!

28 recycled plastic bottles go into forming one blanket.

The process!

The plastic PET bottles are first recycled into plastic chips.

Melted to turn into yarn. 

Plastic chips are then melted and turned into yarn, resulting in a polar fleece material.

The final product.

Soft blankets are created from the resulting fine thread.

Looks comfy.

All the long-haul flights of Emirates provide these blankets to its economy class passengers.

A sincere effort.

It is a sustained effort by the airline in the direction of their continued product innovation and sustainability.

Not the first initiative by Emirates towards saving the environment.

A green programme by this airline already exists on board that recycles aluminium cans, plastic/glass bottles, and clean paper products like magazines, newspapers, and cardboard cartons.

They are not going to stop anytime soon...

It is estimated that by the end of 2019, 88 million plastic bottles collected from the landfills would be prohibited from adding to the environmental hazards as they would have been turned into ecoTHREAD blankets.

Aid in reducing energy emissions.

Almost equivalent to the mass of 44 A380 aircrafts, this project will aid in plummeting energy emissions by around 70%.

A safe environment precedes comfort.

Though some of you may not find them super comfy provided its method of creation, it is worth a petty sacrifice for the sustainability of our planet. We don’t need to remind you of the amount of carbon footprint an aircraft leaves behind every time it ferries you across countries or even cities, do we?For more info, click here.