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Differently Abled People Can Now Enjoy Rollercoasters & Water Slides, Here's Where!

Man is a social animal, and just because there are those of us who are differently-abled, it does not mean they should not get to enjoy life as we do. With this novel intention in heart, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, a water theme park has been opened to the public, in USA’s San Antonio, Texas. Morgan’s Inspiration Island specifically concentrates on sharing the amusements and rides, which are normally inaccessible to the differently abled, be available to the very same folks. All the rides have arrangements to accommodate the entrants and their needs besides ensuring complete safety and supervision.The escape from the scorching sun should not remain entitled to only those of us who can enjoy life healthily as granted from birth, but also to those who usually do not get to see any amusement at a regular amusement park.

Not one, but two reasons for the differently-abled to rejoice.

The Morgan’s Inspiration Island was preceded by Morgan’s Wonderland which was opened by Gordon Hartman in April 2010. Morgan’s Wonderland was a regular amusement park which was opened in with the concerns of the differently-abled in mind. Soon, the founder, Mr. Hartman invested another 17 million USD, in building a water-theme park called Morgan’s Inspiration Island. It had the same agenda as Wonderland in mind.

It has gained recognition worldwide, already!

Morgan’s Inspiration Island had opened to 600 whopping visitors on its inaugural weekend. Since its inception, it has attracted visitors from 66 different countries and 50 of the American states at least.

The response has been overwhelming so far....

The footfall tally till date has crossed more than a million. Goes to show how much, the differently-abled also crave the same things as we do, which sadly go unnoticed most of the times.

No different than a standard water park.

The amusement water park packs in all kinds of fun that are usually found in a standard water-themed amusement park, such as a boat ride that ferries passengers through an artificial swamp with fake snakes hissing and jungle cats roaring.

Well-managed and efficiently supervised.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island monitors the vegetation such that it does not interfere with the movement of its visitors. The water level is also kept to a harmless level such that it does not run a risk.

Visually challenged visitors need not worry.

The park has contraptions in place that dump buckets of water to the surprise of unsuspecting visitors. They have the mechanism to automatically ring a ‘ding’ sound across the premises to aid those with visual disabilities.

Brownie points for this...

There is a signal that produces a whirling sound to get the attention of folks with hearing disabilities and there are pools of water that run warm water to help people with muscle conditions find some rest and relaxation.

Unrestricted entry adds to the attraction.

The fun at Morgan’s Inspiration Island does not just end here but continues with rain curtains, geysers and water cannons. What needs to be highlighted is that the 25-acre sprawling water-themed amusement park is not a special needs visitor’s only park; it admits regular visitors as well. However, entry for folks with special disabilities is free.

The first of its kind!

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art amusement park for the differently-abled. Other parks around the globe may be wheelchair accessible but not at the scale set by Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

The intention is pure and in favor of the lesser fortunate.

Gordon Hartman opened the parks along with his significant other, Maggie Hartman. They named it after their daughter Morgan, who has both physical as well as cognitive disabilities. The intention was to increase awareness about the inclusiveness of people with special needs into the business, such that more and more ventures start incorporating provisions for them.

Designed keeping in mind the challenges of the differently-abled. 

The venture has put in considerable thought in the matter of accommodating the differently-abled. The park provides specially designed wheelchairs which do not run on batteries but on air pressure. The park also provides service animals such as guide dogs.

You are in safe hands!

Providing state-of-the-art equipment is imperative in the context of a water-themed amusement park. The safety of the visitors is constantly under scrutiny. It provides free; manual as well as air pressurized wheelchairs on a first come first basis.

You won’t run the risk of getting lost.

Wristbands are also provided to assist those with cognitive disabilities such that if they wander, it becomes easy to find them. 

The services are unrivaled.

People with disabilities all agree unanimously that at other amusement parks where the facilities for the differently-abled are just an add-on.

It is a one-of-a kind experience, truly!

However, at Morgan’s Inspiration Island, it is not just an afterthought. The temperature controlled waters, the roomy areas for relaxation, the homely vibe, and the high-tech equipment make it a one-of-a-kind experience for those with special abilities.