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First Olympics For Seniors Hosted In Brussels Proves That Age Cannot Bind If You're Young At Heart

How can someone, who is 75 years of age, associate with sports such as javelin throw or relay race? But the first Olympics for Seniors, which was organised in Belgian capital Brussels, recently has changed this perception.The event, which was held on Tuesday this week, saw senior citizens participating in activities ranging from tossing a pancake, throwing a wool ball, a wheelchair relay race of 25 meters and a music quiz. The event, Olympics for Seniors, gave an opportunity to enthuse senior citizens of Brussels aged between 75 and 96. More than 130 residents of private rest homes, nursing homes took part.Brussels and an organisation working with rest home residents, A Travers les Arts, decided to launch the first edition to encourage outdoor activities for elderly people and to make the Belgian capital more age-friendly.In line with Olympic founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin's principle, the important thing was not winning, but taking part. 

#1 A participant throwing javelin in the air. 

The event, Olympics for Seniors, was held at King Baudouin stadium in Brussels. The rules weren't strict as it just wanted to promote activities among elderly people. Its another aim was to promote more participants in the next event.Therefore, the games were organised, which suited their ability, likes and aptitude.  

#2 A participant being pushed by an assistant in a 4x25 metres relay.

#3 One of the key messages of the event was: 'Happiness has every age'.

#4 In a shot put event, a wool ball replaced the metal ball. After all, it's the spirit that mattered.

#5 A participant soaking herself under the sun.

#6 A glimpse from shot put event played with a wool ball.

#7 A wheelchair-bound participant at the javelin throw event.

#8 It was good to see that even the assistant was a senior citizen. 

#9 A participant is being helped as she throws the wool ball.

#10 Participants lining up at the start line of the 4x25 metres relay.