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22 Facts About Nicole Kidman That Would Make You Fall In Love With Her

From being a shy kid who suffered from stutter problems to becoming one of the Hollywood’s finest actors and now producer, Nicole Kidman has starred in a wide array of films that include ‘The Hours’, ‘Moulin Rouge!’, ‘Vietnam, To Die For’, ‘Cold Mountain’ and ‘Lion’.The Oscar-winning Australian actress who is also a women’s rights activist was encouraged to pursue acting by director Jane Campion. Also, it was after she saw Margaret Hamilton play the role of Wicked Witch of the West that Kidman realised that acting was something she was really interested in.  Kidman made her big film debut when she was just 16 with ‘Bush Christmas’ and then landed a role in a popular television series ‘Five Mile Creek’. But Nicole Kidman gave up acting just a year after her career started to take off to help support her family in their time of need. She came back to the industry with a vengeance and then since has never looked back.Here’s wishing Nicole Kidman a very happy 50th birthday!

#22 Kidman is a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

A great actress, a devoting daughter, a caring mother, a wife and an activist! Nicole Kidman was appointed a United Nation’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2006 for her work on raising awareness for women’s human rights, focusing on violence against women. “Working with UN women, I have met women who had to overcome enormous obstacles, yet who went on to help others and organise to achieve social change. To me, these women embody resilience, strength, dignity — and hope,” said Kidman in an interview.Kidman was also appointed as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 1994 and since has helped raise a lot of money and create awareness for the disadvantaged children.

#21 Trail Blazer

Nicole Kidman is a four-time Oscar nominee, the recent one for her supporting role in the 2016 movie ‘Lion’. But it was in the year 2003 that Nicole became the first Australian actress to win Oscar for Best Actress for her role as the leading lady in ‘The Hours’. That same year for the same movie she also won a Golden Globe.

#20 Nicole holds a record for ‘Most money paid per minute to any actor’.

Nicole Kidman was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2006 for the ‘Most Money Paid Per Minute To Any Actor’ as for a four-minute commercial for Chanel No5 perfume she reportedly earned $3.71 million.

#19 Kidman is obsessed with lace and florals.

Nicole Kidman’s obsession with 1940’s lace and florals dates back to her mother’s love for antique clothes. Mommy Kidman always dressed Nicole in antique clothes that had been picked from the flea market and today Kidman is obsessed with them as is an avid vintage clothes collector.

#18 Nicole Kidman is proud of her body.

You’d be surprised by this fact that Kidman does not use a body double for her stunts. She does all her stunts on her own, and while we are at it, Nicole Kidman also doesn’t use a body double for her bold sex scenes. She is proud of her body and prefers to do all the bold scenes on her own.

#17 Kidman’s divorce with Tom Cruise went public.

The divorce of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise made headlines in every newspaper, and Nicole admitted of going through a really tough time. Kidman reportedly moved in with her best friend Naomi Watts and stayed with her until she got back on her feet.

#16 She’s a mother of four.

Nicole Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise together adopted two children, their daughter Isabella Jane Cruise and their son Connor Cruise. After marrying Keith Urban, Nicole gave birth to two daughters, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

#15 Nicole has a Hawaiian name.

How does Hokulani Kidman sound to you? That’s what Nicole Kidman’s parents named her, and they decided on a Hawaiian name as Nicole was born in Hawaii. An interesting fact here is that Nicole Kidman shares the name Hokulani with an elephant that was born around the same time she was at the Honolulu Zoo.

#14 Nicole was a painfully shy child.

Kidman admits to being a painfully shy child who had some difficulties that still significantly affect her even now. She doesn’t like going out by herself, and maybe her shyness is the reason that has given Nicole Kidman the reputation of being an ice queen on the red carpet.She also used to stutter, and it took quite some time for her to overcome it.

#13 Keith Urban checked into a rehab almost immediately after marrying Nicole Kidman.

Just four months after Nicole’s marriage to country music singer Keith Urban, he checked himself into rehab for substance abuse. “It was like, If I don't choose this moment to do the right thing and do something that's going to give me life, all of the things I'm scared of losing, I'm going to lose anyway,” admitted Urban in an interview.Nicole Kidman called an intervention on her husband, and Keith Urban took the decision to get clean and sober because he didn’t want to lose his wife.

#12 Kidman wore corset to whittle her waist, twice.

Nicole is a dedicated actress and would go to extreme lengths for the sake of fashion while filming. For the 1996 movie ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ she wore a corset to whittle her waist to 19 inches and then for her 2001 film ‘Moulin Rouge’ that landed her a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination. She wanted to get her waist down to 18 inches and broke her rib in the process.

#11 Nicole would never harm an animal.

While on the set for her movie ‘Australia’ costarring Hugh Jackman, Nicole has a scene where she joins Jackman in a sleeping bag and during the filming of the scene Kidman noticed a poisonous scorpion crawling up Hugh’s leg. She didn’t shout or go berserk but simply asked her costar to not move and scooped up the scorpion into her hat and released it into the wild.When asked why she didn’t just stomped on it, Nicole Kidman replied “I would never kill an animal. Every creature here has its purpose. This one just didn’t belong in Hugh’s bag!”

#10 It took four months for Keith to ask Nicole out.

The now husband and wife Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman first met at an event in 2005, and the country music crooner played it cool. Keith Urban had waited for four months before he asked Nicole Kidman out and when Kidman asked him that “you didn’t love me at first sight, you didn’t notice me,” and Keith’s like, “Yes, I did, but I just didn’t let on.”

#9 Nicole is an Australian citizen. No wait, an American citizen. Both!

An Australian born in America, Nicole Kidman holds both Australian and American citizenship. Nicole Mary Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, while her parents were temporarily in the United States on education visa. Kidman returned to her motherland at the age of 3.

#8 Hugh Hefner was bewitched by ‘The Blue Room’ actress.

Ever since Hugh Hefner saw Kidman perform in the Broadway play ‘The Blue Room’ he became desperate for Nicole Kidman to appear nude in the Playboy magazine.

#7 Nicole is not afraid of sharks, snakes or spiders, but she’s afraid of butterflies.

As a child, Nicole got used to the shark bell on the beach, and that’s why she isn’t afraid of them, but Kidman suffers from an acute fear of butterflies known as Lepidopterophobia. Also, Nicole is allergic to bees.

#6 Nicole Kidman is tall, taller than many of her costars.

Nicole Kidman stands tall at 5 feet 10 ½ inches, and you’d be surprised to know the fact that Kidman was already of height 5’9” when she was 13 years old.

#5 Keith Urban isn’t the only musician in Nicole’s family.

Nicole Kidman is a pianist and for her film ‘Cold Mountain’ she did her own piano playing. Kidman also does her own singing work in her films, and that includes ‘Moulin Rouge!’.

#4 Kidman has many good friends in the industry.

Nicole Kidman is best friends with Naomi Watts, and their friendship goes back to the days when both used to audition during their teenage days. Nicole has other close celebrity friends including Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger and Meryl Streep.

#3 Nicole’s relationship with Tom Cruise was too private.

After divorce with ex-husband Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman confessed that she lost all of her friends during their marriage as their relationship was too private.

#2 Nicole Kidman learnt to be a massage therapist for her mother.

Just after a year in acting business, Nicole had to take a break. She stopped working so she could take care of things at home as her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She studied to be a massage therapist in order to be able to help her mother with physical therapy during her treatments and recovery.Nicole’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, and this inspiration was big enough for Kidman to turn into an international women’s right activist.

#1 Kidman is a natural blonde.

Not many know this Nicole Kidman fact that she is not a redhead but a blonde. She ended up colouring her hair red and brunette for several of her movies and people assumed that red is Nicole Kidman’s natural hair colour.