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10 Reasons Why Most Of The Girls Prefer Guy Best Friend Than Boyfriend

Imagine a day when you get someone to make a choice between their friend for life and soulmate. Ideally, no one should ever be in a situation like that. It’s like asking someone to choose between the mind and the heart when you know that you need both (and both synchronised to each other) in order to lead a peaceful life. But let’s say she had to choose one out of the two, which one would she choose? Guess the answer is heartbreaking but quite predictable - It would always be the friend forever and not the boyfriend more so in a situation where the boyfriend didn’t care enough to be a dear friend to you…Your best friends are always the ones who stand by you when you are in trouble, sad or get scolded by your parents. Best friends are the biggest blessing in life. They are the only ones you choose for yourself.Here are a few reasons why a friend for life scores more than a boyfriend for most women on the earth.

#1. She believes that he is there for her forever.

The fact that the boyfriend is in it for a long haul in itself is a stamp of emotional security and bonding, unlike those boyfriends who can break just like that.

#2. She knows that he genuinely likes her.

The affinity he has for her doesn’t fluctuate like a defected tube light. The bond they share is beyond sexiness or attraction. He just likes her, and she adores him too. 

#3. She knows that she means something to him.

She knows that she means something to him, something significant and that something is undisputed. She knows that he won’t wake up the next morning to tell her – ‘I’m not friends with you anymore because I found someone sexier or cooler than you!’

#4. She adores him because ‘he listens’. 

He never had the inclination or time to be her agony aunt, but then he has his ways of letting her believe that he hears her! Boyfriends usually are poor listeners to their girlfriends. 

#5. She often feels diffident to share thoughts with him.

It’s funny how he would even know the names of her unborn children when she would have never dared to share it with her boyfriend because he would then classify her as the typical emotional girlfriend!

#6. She doesn’t have to be scripted, cliche, predictable or scared

She can just talk to him about anything under the sun – the crazy childhood stunts, the tales of drunken nights, the most pathetic jokes, the philosophical thoughts and a million-half– baked plans for life ahead!

#7. She can afford to be disgusting in front of him.

She can be crazy, cranky, mad, sad or whatever. She can just be her, different shades of her, different moods of her, he accepts it all. She is never scared that he is going to dump the friendship because she was cranky with him someday. He just knows she would have her bouts of fun and fears and she shall be back to her senses irrespective!

#8. She can wear anything in front of him.

It is like she can just go in her night pyjamas to watch a late-night show with him without having an iota of nervousness, he has Diva avatar – days when she was dressed to kill. On the other hand, something about a dating scene can make her feel so conscious that she didn’t even know if she could sleep like a log in front of her boyfriend or would it be okay to wake up next to him with her hair messed up or the liner that got smudged when she was asleep!

#9 She knows that he'll never bore her

A friend never does anything to please her, but he knows her so well that he by default ends up doing those little things that make her happy.