On In Relationship

17 Illustrations That Show Why Couples Love Their Partners Unconditionally

All of us have been in relationships, at one point or another in our lives and we all know how phenomenal (well, mostly!) it feels. In my perspective, all relationships are a combination of few elements: love, fights, comedy or humor, emotions, and anger. Isn't it? Artists, Landysh Akhmetzyanova and Asia (a duo popularly known as Lingvistov), one day while chatting randomly realized that all the relationships are a series of comically relatable moments and incidences. In her own words, Landysh told Huffington Post, “I really wanted to celebrate love and relationships! Because it's a beautiful thing. But I am not a cheesy person. I decided to show what relationships are really about: We love people with all their imperfections and all the weird stuff they do. It makes them so special for us and it definitely makes our lives much more interesting!”Check out some of their best illustrations:

Your rapport with my pet is important!

If my pet loves you, good enough. If it doesn't, you have to make efforts in order for it to at least like you! This relationship ain't going anywhere if you can't have a decent rapport with my pet. 

On point. 

One of the cardinal reasons for us to get along with any other person not just our better halves is because we hate same things, people etc. 

We can be ourselves in front of them. 

After a certain point, the comfort level and frankness increases in every relationship. If your partner knows all your flaws, still makes you feel good about yourself and motivates you to be a better person, be thankful!

They admire your efforts. 

Whether or not you are good at cooking, they always eat if you cook something. However burnt or lip smacking it might taste. See, now not everyone can do that!

They are your personal photographers!

Anywhere and everywhere you go, they are usually with you and you can pester them without any hesitation to click your endless pictures in endless poses at endless locations! We've all done it, mates. 

The most handsome. 

At the end of the day he will always remain the most handsome guy to you. You don't care if he has gained or lost weight, if he has pimple oozing out on his face or even if he is roaming around in the shorts from last night! 

Yep, she is!

You never mess with her when it comes to her cooking. Even if the food she has cooked is burnt, tasteless or hard as a rock, you just appreciate it and try to swallow it down. 

You like my playlist?

Music unites you! Even if you are simple plan 180 degrees apart when it comes down to your everyday life choices, if you like the same music, trust me, your relationship is going places. 

Even if it's a rom-com!

You watch all the movies she wants you to watch, even if they are romantic comedies. Also, you just don't do that, you console her too, when she loses her mind and starts crying her guts out because a fictional character died!

The only reason to shave!

Yep, you understood that right! Girls only shave when: 1.) They have to wear a cute dress 2.) They have a boyfriend. There are no other possible reasons.  

He's your driver, plumber, cable guy, electrician. 

Be it a broken tap in the bathroom, your cable is not working properly, you've messed up your computer or broken your mobile phone, he comes to the rescue, every time! You just can't thank him enough for this. 

He accompanies you even for shopping!

However much he hates it, he always takes you shopping, helps you pick out good dresses and carries all your shopping bags without cribbing(maybe, a little cribbing)! 

She always knows what you want

A watch or a play station, she somehow, always knows what you want and she gifts it to you!

He gifts you weird stuff!

Well all the guys do that, they gift you weird stuff, they think is "cool". All of them do this and it's annoying has hell! 

You know it's serious when..

You both change your relationship status on Facebook. 

A lil chocolate didn't hurt nobody!

You love those days when she showers you with your favorite chocolates without any special occasion. Sharing those chocolates make it even more perfect. 

But let me have some coffee first. 

You both love teasing each other, always! But at the end of the day, you both know, they're your priceless possessions and you wouldn't want to lose them ever. Weren't these the exceedingly true?