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Ten Creepy Photos From The Past Which No One Could Explain

We found a mysterious picture of a man named Stefan Michalak who apparently burned his chest because of an unidentified object blowing some hot air on him. The picture portrays so much that the details about it are still not known, how did the man reached near a UFO? Or why was that UFO on earth?Another unexplained picture from the 9/11 incident with a lady called Edna Cintron where she is asking for help through the gaping hole of the south tower. The interesting thing to note is that the initial impact of the plane on the World Trade Center did not affect her. This is still a mystery but is true.

1. The unidentified object that burned his shirt.

In May 1967, Stefan Michalak was wandering in the woods near the Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Suddenly, he saw two cigar-shaped UFOs coming towards him. They landed and a door opened. He tried to communicate with the beings inside, but apparently, no one responded. He walked to the door and saw nothing but a very powerful streak of lights. Soon, the UFO began to rise and expelled hot air along with a vent like structure that caused Michalak's shirt to burn. The grid-like burn under his chest is clearly visible in the picture.

2. The mysterious death of mountaineers.

In the Ural Mountains, a group of Soviet mountaineers died mysteriously in 1959. The above photograph was taken by the rescuers. It seemed as if the hikers were trying to run away barefooted from someone. On autopsy, it was found that the deaths were due to various reasons. Six of them died due to hypothermia and around two of them died because of chest fractures. One of the Mountaineers suffered several head injuries, and his tongue was also missing. One of the weirdest things about the whole incident was that clothes worn by the hikers were found to be radioactive!

3. The Black Knight satellite

The above picture was captured during the American space shuttle mission to the International Space Station in 1998. It caught a dark object that had been orbiting around the Earth since 13,000 years. Till date, no one knows how the satellite got there or what was its purpose. Some of the reports have even claimed it to be an alien artifact.

4. The modern guy of ancient times.

Taken in 1941, this picture looks like any other picture from the ancient times. But, if you look closely there is a man wearing a bit too modern clothing and is also holding a camera that is supposedly not of that time. It looks like the man probably time traveled!

5. The unidentified lights of Phoenix

In 1997, a sequence of stationary lights appeared in the sky over the city of Phoenix in Arizona. It stayed there completely motionless for hours. There were reports that mentioned about the Air Force using the lights as a part of their training exercise. The lights soon reappeared in 2007 and 2008 and were not explained since then.

6. Do you see someone behind the little girl?

While taking his daughter's photograph, Templeton did not notice anyone around in the area. But, when it got developed it appeared as if there was an astronaut standing on the grass behind her.

7. Whose thumb is that?

If you look closely, you will see an extra hand with the thumb pointing along side the head of the guy in black t-shirt. Only God knows whose hand that is!

8. The unexplained photograph of Edna Cintron

Can you see that lady at the rightmost down corner? Taken on 9/11 the photograph is of the gaping hole in South Tower of the World Trade Center. How Edna survived the initial impact of the plane with WTC is still a mystery.

9. The most famous unexplained secret

The centre of attraction of the picture is certainly Mary, but if you look closely towards her left shoulder, there is a weird looking elliptical object. It looks like a UFO and there is even a man with a dog gazing at it.

10. The brown coat woman

Tagged by FBI as the Babushka lady, she was standing very close to John F. Kennedy during his assassination in 1963. After further investigation, the eyewitnesses reported that the woman recorded the entire event. She could have answered several critical questions, but apparently, the FBI was never able to find her and no one knows a thing about the woman in the brown coat.Images and content source: Imgur