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Secrets of Politicians' Wives That Prove They Were Good at Hiding Things

There's a saying that "Good girls are the bad girls that never get caught," and it's true that being a human we're bound to do things which are better hidden than being exposed.Almost every woman in the world has her own weaknesses and secrets which she hides from most of the people, and sometimes even from the individual who is close.Hiding things is easy if you're an average person and not many people are interested in your life; but imagine, how do you protect your little dirty secrets if a camera is following you all the time?Well, it seems some of the famous political wives of the great leaders have been able to hide their secrets with the entire nation for quite a long time. But, "with every secret, comes a deadline on when it'll get out."We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of ten politicians' wives who once mastered the art of hiding things from the public.Have a look!

Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady of the America.

Back in the days of Kennedy’s administration, smoking was employed to be a trendy fashion amongst women. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a thing that population allowed.That is why Jackie Kennedy’s love for smoking was briefly hidden. Even the cameramen who were personally connected with the White House were plainly denied to take photographs of the First Lady with a 'cigar' in her hands. She used to consume at least three packets a day, reports The Sun. 

Princess Diana, England. 

When Princess Diana was alive, not many people were aware of the fact that this beautiful woman, the wife of Prince Charles, was insecure about her physical appearance and doubted her figure. Sally Bedell Smith describes her insecurities from a book Diana in Search of Herself.

The first lady of the USA, Mary Todd Lincoln.

The wife of famous American President, and the renowned world leader, Abraham Lincoln, had grown in an affluent household and had no idea of what it felt like to be short of money.She took delight in renewing the White House over and over again and was addicted to purchasing extravagant equipment. As a consequence, she couldn’t manage her expenses and ultimately became associated with a controversial scam after mistreating cash which was meant for the needs of the soldiers, quotes AmericaComesAlive.com

Imelda Marcos, Philippines. 

The widow of the 10th President of the Philippines, Imelda, is yet another great First Lady known for her wild spending habits. Nicknamed by her citizens as the 'Steel Butterfly', she became captivated with shopping after getting unsupervised entree to the nation’s budgetary reserved cash.When President Marcos and Imelda left the country, over 1,000 sets of overpriced stylish shoes were found at Imelda’s rooms in the administrative house. 

The FLOTUS, Nancy Reagan.

One of the intimate life-long partners to the US President, Ronald Reagan, was his lady, Nancy. She converted indeed more concerned about her husband’s health after a killing trial in 1981. Soon Nancy had grown addicted to 'consult with the Cosmos' before delivering an opinion to the President. The First Lady was influenced by astrology and routinely toured her special stargazer, suggest reports from NY Times.

Helen Taft, first lady of the USA.

The wife of US President William Howard Taft, Helen, during her tenure in the White House, agreed with the Prohibition era which continued until 1933.Disregarding the limitation on the trade of alcohol, Helen not only did zero to stop the law-dodging liquor gamblers. Instead, she visited and organised parties where alcohol split openly.

Even Jesus didn't know it. 

The world has changed God, the world has changed. By the way, will you mind coming back again?

Rachel Jackson, the first lady of the USA.

The wife of the 7th US President, Andrew Jackson, the first lady of the US was Rachel. The surprising fact about this couple was revealed during the presidential elections. It turned out that Andrew wasn’t Rachel’s single spouse. She was first married to Robards who had accused her of getting involved in adulterous acts. It could be traced in her biography published by Britannica.

Carla Bruni, France

The wife of the 23rd President of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy had once confessed in her several interviews that the former President Sarkozy proposed her within 2 hours of their meeting, and it was the love at first sight.

Yeah, that's true. 

In several interviews, she has confessed that she is passionate about more than one man.

Bernadette Chirac, France

The wife of former French President Jacques Chirac, Lady Bernadette, no jealousy, earns to be called a very patient woman. Her composure has regularly been more than deserving of the right of First Lady. She did enough to hide the improper activities of her hubby, Jacques.Being well informed of his bias towards marriage, she spent a hard time faking that nothing was bothering her. However, in current years, these family mysteries have finally grown into general awareness, reports Independent.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Jordan.

The wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, Rania eternally looks smooth and acts according to her rank. But Rania has one flaw which seldom gets discussed in the papers: she loves wearing golden footwear adorned with precious stones. The measurement of an ordinary pair of such shoes is 0.9 lbs, but the Queen is seemingly calm by the difficulties.

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