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10 Famous Movie Studio Logos And The Secrets Behind Them

No one can single-handedly makes a whole film. Many people are involved who contribute to the making of a film, and everyone needs to be appreciated. A movie starts with a logo of the studio and today they are a huge part of it. But the logos have been part of the movies for a long time, and they all have a history or story behind their creation. But not many us know what's the actual meaning of a logo which appears at the start or what's the logic behind it?WittyFeed has covered logos of major movie studios of Hollywood for you, ranging from the snow peak of Paramount Pictures to the young fisherman that reminds us that we are watching a DreamWorks film.So let's go directly to the list and know the secret behind the logos of the studios.  

1. Columbia Pictures

The logo of Columbia Pictures has a woman who is holding a burning torch. The logo was adapted in 1924. The image on the logo was never based on a single woman, but the recent one is based on a housewife named, Jenny Joseph. But her facial features were altered in the final picture.

2. Warner Bros.

The logo is simple and easy to understand. It has shield and initials of the studio name which is based on the name of founders.   

3. DreamWorks Animation SKG 

The SKG at the bottom is taken from the names of Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. Spielberg wanted a computer-generated image of a man who is fishing while sitting on the moon as the logo, but Visual Effects Supervisor, Dennis Muren suggested for a handmade logo.  Speilberg agreed, and then Muren asked his friend, Robert Hunt to design the logo. Hunt sent him two designs. One design showed a man sitting and fishing whereas the other design showed a kid. Speilberg liked the kid's version and rest is history.     But the most interesting part of the child's logo is that it features Hunt's son, William Hunt.

4. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) 

The MGM's logo featuring lion was first seen in 1924, and its idea was given by Howard Dietz. The lions featured in their logo are real, and as of today, five lions have been used. Their names are Slats, Jackie, Tanner, George, and Leo.

5. Paramount Pictures

The idea of logo came from artist William Hodkinson. He drew a mountain similar to Ben Lomond Mountain, situated in Utah, USA. On the original logo, there were 24 stars and they defined the number of film stars who were signed for the studio at that time. The current logo features 22 stars but no one knows the reason behind it.       

6. Walt Disney Pictures

The most famous animated movies studio, Walt Disney Pictures, features a Disney castle in their logo. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany inspired the original idea of the logo. The current logo features Cinderella’s Castle from Disneyland Paris.  

7. Universal Pictures

The first logo of the movie studio was released in 1927 which featured an aircraft hovering around a spinning globe. The recent one features a spinning earth which looks more realistic, and it is computer-generated.     


The logo of LIONSGATE studio is inspired by the Lions Gate Bridge located in Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The bridge's name was chosen because the founder of the company was born there.   

9. 20th Century Fox

The 20th Century Fox is the merger of two studios. In 1935, Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film Company merged to form 20th Century Fox. The first logo of the studio was created in 1933 where 20th Century Inc was written, but after the merger, the last word was replaced by Fox.   

10. Orion Pictures

It was formed by five executives from United Artists. The five founding members chose the constellation, Orion as their logo, symbol and name. United Artists (UA) is an American film and television entertainment studio. The studio was founded in 1919.    .That's all, folks!Subscribe