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Simona Halep Facts and Photos that can Entertain Even a Lawn Tennis Hater

If I say ''Breast Reduction Surgery,'' Kris Jenner, Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag, Ariel Winter, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Connelly are a few famous names that cross our mind.(If these names really struck your brain cells, you probably need a time-wastage reduction surgery)   Time and again, women around the world have been objectified either for what they had in abundance or for what they lacked in the name of 'perfection'. Seldom does it happen that the world population chooses to get over the physical side of any woman and looks into a bigger picture. Simona Halep facts have a similar story to tell you where an amateur teenager Lawn Tennis player defied the world and shifted their focus from her bosom to her game.Let's read about them and also find the best Simona Halep photos that define her as the new WTA queen.

Why is Simona in news headlines?

On Jan 25th 2018, Simona played a marathon match that can well be counted as one amongst the most fierce Women's Grandslam semi-finals ever played. Just when Simona was topping comfortably over the 2-time Grandslam trophy winner Angelique Kerber, she faced a terrific challenge coming from the 21-seeded who almost took the match away from Simona. But, Simona saved 2 match-points and won the match 6-3, 4-6, 9-7.

Australian Open 2018 final match!

Halep faced the world no. 2 Caroline Wozniacki in the AO 2018 Grandslam final. This match which ran for almost three hours was a treat to watch. Both the players broke each other's services as many times as one does not see in a regular match and in what can be called as a nail-biting finale, Wozniacki came out as a winner.Match result: Wozniacki beats Halep 7-6, 3-6, 6-4.But wait, the facts about Halep will prove why she is sure to be the champion in the time to come.

Simona Halep Fact #1: Her childhood

Born on 27 September 1991, Simona is a Romanian Lawn Tennis player who currently stands tall at rank #3 in the WTA ranking, having ranked #2 earlier as her career's best. 

Simona Halep Fact #2: When did she 1st play Tennis?

Simona, as many other Tennis champs, was an early bloomer. She started playing Lawn Tennis at the tender age of four and since then, her passion for the game only grew.

Simona Halep Fact #3: Who was her inspiration?

She started playing Tennis after getting influenced by her older brother's game.

Simona Halep Fact #4: When did she turn Pro?

After having trained under the guidance of her country's best Tennis coaches, Halep turned pro in 2006 at the age of 15.

Simona Halep Fact #5: Who is her favourite player?

Counting Justine Henin and Andrei Pavel as her favourites, the Right-handed (two-handed backhand) player does not shy away from speaking about what she likes. She enjoys music, movies and handball when she gets some free time.In picture above: Justine Henin

Simona Halep Fact #6: What are her cravings?

Apart from Chocolates & Pizza, she has a craving for Pasta and Orange juice. However, what she does not like are chillies. So now you know how to please and how not to disappoint her!

Simona Halep Fact #7: Which tournament is her favourite?

Being two-time French Open finalist (2014 & 2017), Simona likes to call Roland Garros as her favourite Grand Slam tournament among the four.

Simona Halep Fact #8: What is her work out routine?

If we keep the time that she spends practising on court aside, Simona gives an hour to physical conditioning. Her daily workout schedule includes running, sprinting, body weight exercises and resistance moves using fitness band. Fun fact: She hates to lift weights and does not lift any more than 2Kgs of free weights.

Simona Halep Fact #9: She considers herself as ''Short''

Yeah, being 5'6'' she knows that she can never beat the likes of Maria Sharapova when it comes to height but that does not hamper her game at all. Maybe this is the reason why she has finally opted for Yogasanas to overcoming stress. *Just kidding*

Simona Halep Fact #10: If not Lawn Tennis, then which profession?

Tennis coach? No!A fitness model? No!A Mathematician? Yes!Simona says that she was good with numbers and that just reflects with her dominating figures on the court.

Simona Halep Fact #11: Who is her boyfriend (if she has one)?

Horia Tecau, belonging to the same country as Simona's, is a Double's Tennis player currently ranked 19th in the world and is dating Simona.

Simona Halep Fact #12: How much is her net worth?

As of 2017, Simona's net worth stands high at $145 Million which comes from her Tennis event participation and the brands like Adidas that she endorses.Wooo... that's quite a sum!.

Simona Halep Fact #13: Does she have any sibling?

Luminita Halep is her sister who is damn pretty and we don't doubt it!

Simona Halep Fact #14: Who is her biggest rival!

Losing to Serena Williams in the US Open 2016 Quarter-final while being World no.2 and Serena being World no.1 for a very long time before her pregnancy, she can well be named as one of her biggest rivals. However, Serena's absence in the Australian Open 2018 due to pregnancy was surely a positive for the Romanian.

Simona Halep Fact #15: Why the Breast Reduction Surgery?

When questioned about her decision to go under knife for a breast reduction surgery, she said- "It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.""I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman."So, because of the 34DD size that she had, she was having constant back pain due to the excess weight that she had to carry while playing such a demanding sport. This made her take the tough decision of going for a surgery and get the comfortable size of 34C.

Simona Halep Fact #16: How is her anger?

Apart from being highly competitive on court, when she repeatedly faces the questions around her breast reduction surgery, she becomes slightly furious (which is obvious) and asks the reporters to not to ask her personal questions.So this is what I was talking about in the beginning of the article, that this player is much more than some surgery that she had years ago. To her male fans, I wish to say that rather than remembering her for some 'body tissues', let us remember her for the game that she plays so amazingly.Enough said, I leave it up to you guys!

Simona Halep Fact #17: Her career timeline

2009: Reached ITF semis.2010: Entered Australian Open2011: Got qualified for French Open (Reaches ASB Classic quarter-final)2012: She entered World's Top 50 by the year's end. She also defeated Li Na in the coming year.2013: Enters Top 20 in August 2013 and was awarded WTA Most Improved Player.- She won 6 WTA titles this year giving Steffi Graf's 7 titles win a competition.2014: Broke into the Top 2 players.2015: Before appearing in Wimbledon 2015, Halep had a 297-142 record and has made nearly $8.8 million in career prize money. She also went on to win 3 WTA titles.2016: She passed a large part of the year being ranked #3.2017: She faced a few upsets but she was back again as she reached the French Open finals.Fun fact: She also matched Martina Hingis' record of reaching a Grand Slam final without having lost a single game in the tournament.Source

Simona Halep Fact #18: Her Team Halepano

Simona's coach Wim Fissette calls her legs as ''Footballer's legs'' while the Romanian player like to call herself a ''Baseline player.'' Team Halepano also houses Simona's manager Virginia Ruzici who qualified for WTA finals both in 1983 and 1984.