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Eight Fabulous Ways You Can Carry Pink Without Being 'Too Girlie'

When we think of pink, what comes to our mind? The first thought that comes across is being girly or something feminine. It's not your fault. The history of this color is associated with Barbie dolls and princesses. We have been imbibed with the idea of pink being associated with girls. But reducing the thin line between fashion gender has changed the mindset of people and pink is definitely turning out to be the universal color. Also, we as girls love this color and honestly cannot take it out from our fashion collection. We want it there in some form or the other.People who are not a fan of pink can easily incorporate it into their outfits. But if you are hesitant, wearing pink might be a little challenging. Here, take a look at some fabulous ways to wear Pink without making it too girlie.

#1 Pick the right shade that suits you!

Like every other normal color, pink also has different shades. It is very important to choose the shade that suits you, if you do not like loud colors like hot pink or dark magenta then choose muted shades like Peach, blush, baby pink etc. Choose the right shade that suits you and you are comfortable with.

#2 Check the prints added in your dress

Not only colored but bright print makes a lot of difference. Different prints in the same color can change the look completely. The bright print can take away the focus from the color so you have to carefully choose the prints. For example, White Polka Dots with Pink might not be the right choice.

#3 Carry pink with leather touch

Dressing the color in leather jacket or pants would turn out be a very good style. Leather balances the color tone and would shift the focus from pink altogether.

#4 Right fit is necessary  

Definitely the right fit will make the outfit more neat and polished. Darker colors can be worn a little loose but pink should be worn with proper fit that suits your body.

#5 Pair it with dark colors 

Pink can be toned down by wearing it with dark colors like black or blue. You can pair the pink top with black jeans or blue denim to make the attire look smart and elegant.  

#6 If not the background then accessorize it 

If you do not feel like wearing pink in your main attire then you can always accessorize it with pink foot wears or belts or scarf, that would give a more stylish look. For example, if you wear a small pink belt with your black dress or a coral scarf with your casual wear, it would add grace to your attire.

#7 Cuts to your attire make it perfect!

Any dress can be perfect if there are proper cuts to your dress. Make sure the design and the cut are beautiful to make your dress look fabulous. Check out some more ways to carry pink beautifully.

#8 Elegant and classy at the same time

Soft color like this makes the appearance prettier.

Some more patterns like this...

This is an example of super cool outfit.

Rocking outfit in Pink

It's the way you carry yourself that enhances your attire. Pink is the new fashion and if you are really interested in knowing more ways to dress up in pink, have a look at ways to dress in pink without looking like a princess.source