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10 Weirdest Fashion Trends That Have Gone Viral In 2017

Though the year is not over yet,  2017 has had its fair share of surprising and unconventional moments that were captured on fashion ramps. Models raised the bar of fashion by making bizarre things trendy. Everything from knots to chokars, sneakers to pants, see through sunglasses to off-shoulder tops, transparent jeans to metallic makeup surfaced in the fashion industry.  From Gigi Hadid to Lady Gaga, they have continued to set fashion trends and amazed us by their individualistic fashion sense. Celebrities from all around the world have broken all the barriers and experimented with whatever suited their body. But many people found these designs strange and funny. Have a look at some bizarre fashion designs that emerged in 2017.     


Women are bored with long coats so they have replaced it with bathrobes. It used to be worn in morning or night but now people are flaunting them. These garments are now worn as casual outerwears. This trend was promoted by French clothing company Lacoste, American fashion designer Alexander Wang among others.    

Kick flare jeans

Kick flare jeans are not capris or ankle length jeans but are cropped and flared from the bottom. They are trending and seems like they are not going to vanish anytime soon.  


Tracksuits have created a stir in the market as sports market has expanded by 42 percent in last seven years. Though they are in a new form, they have boosted publicity of sports companies like Adidas, Kappa, Fila etc.  

Very long nails

Long nails are acceptable but extremely long nails are not fashionable. Flaunting nails with different nail arts is posted on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook to the extent that women can’t get over it.  


Crocs, which disappeared few years back, staged a come back on a London runway when designer Christopher Kane paired delicate dresses with rubber clogs at his Spring 17 show. He wore crocs that were embellished with stones. People wear crocs with short capris, shorts.    

Platform Shoes

Remember those giant shoes, the famous artist group Spice Girls used to wear? Yes, they have come back. Platform heels can go with sandals, peep toes but shoes? Not sure. But they have become so popular that they are sold in the markets with dark colours like maroon or black.   

Bralette Tops 

The crop tops weren’t creating enough buzz. So, the fashion industry introduced bra tops. These tops are basically bralettes worn as shirts and are worn just for the sake of wearing them. American reality TV star Kim Kardashian is seen wearing it.    


Fishnet dresses have been in vogue for long. But fishnets under ripped jeans is something new and have gone viral.      

Shoulder Pads

Strangely, shoulder pads have no relation to fashion. Shoulder pads were introduced by Princeton football player L P Smock in 1877. After World War II, they became more fashionable because they gave a sense of courage to women then. It disappeared to come once again in all forms like dresses, blouses, and leather jackets.